Cyware Announces New Advisory Feeds to Give Cyber Teams Access to Added Threat Intelligence

NEW YORK & WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cyware, the industry’s only Virtual Cyber Fusion Platform provider, today announced ‘Advisory Feeds,’ a new capability in its Cyware’s Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) that enables all CSAP customers to access threat intelligence advisories from trusted Cyware partners.

Cyware’s Partner Advisory Feeds are now featured in CSAP so that ISAC and ISAO end users have access to added threat intelligence. Customers can easily access the advisories across a dynamic collection of partner-contributed intelligence feeds to further enhance all threat intelligence or SecOps initiatives.

As part of this new offering to end users, Cyware is making Advisory Feeds available from Flashpoint, Polyswarm, RiskIQ, and Sectrio as the first members of what will initiate Cyware’s Advisory Marketplace as new partners participate. Advisory Feeds represent an enormous value-add to all ISACs and ISAOs, providing unprecedented threat intelligence unification capabilities that end users can align to their maturity level and desired intelligence consumption rate to customize cyber programs. Advisory Feeds will range from malware, vulnerabilities, threat actors, attack campaigns, and other critical threats.

“The combination of internal intelligence sources combined with added external insight in one single location will help to support ISACs and ISAOs streamline data collection and create more dynamic workflows to enhance their intelligence operations,” said Avkash Kathiriya, Vice President, Research and Innovation, Cyware. “Cyware’s Partner Advisory Feeds module simplifies the consumption and sharing of intelligence within teams with a comprehensive collection enabling internal and external sharing, yet requires minimal effort to consume, integrate and turn into action. We look forward to launching our Marketplace which will feature a much larger collection of third-party feeds.”

“The shift toward an intelligence-powered defense is enabling progressive organizations to add proactive capabilities to counter targeted threats,” said Scott Shea Director, Partner Sales, Flashpoint. “In making our intelligence available to ISACs through Cyware, we are giving members an advisory feed to deliver added value. We’re happy to partner with Cyware to provide intelligence to a large collection of industry sectors worldwide.”

“As a leading IoT, OT, and converged cybersecurity solutions provider and a threat intelligence vendor we are excited to be part of Cyware’s Advisory Marketplace,” said Kiran Zachariah, VP, Digital Security, Sectrio. “By unifying threat advisories across sources, SecOps teams will now have unhindered access to a range of rich threat intelligence feeds. This will significantly boost the maturity of their risk neutralization programs, help improve threat hunting capabilities and substantially improve their overall cybersecurity posture.”

“PolySwarm is thrilled to be offering our performance-based marketplace Malware intelligence to Cyware’s Cyber Fusion Center solutions,” said Steve Laskowsky, Chief Strategy Officer, Polyswarm. “With our NCT coin-based compensation model that fuels innovation and performance, Cyware customers will be able stay ahead of Ransomware based attacks with end-to-end intelligence automation and seamless information sharing. This partnership will help Cyber Fusion Centers proactively respond to current and future threats from both cybercriminals and nation state actors.”

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