Fuel50 Evolves its Talent Marketplace to Support Internal Coaching

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fuel50, leaders of the fast-growing Talent Marketplace HR technology category, announce the launch of their first-to-market Coach Marketplace solution.

Fuel50 has again revolutionized the Talent Marketplace category with coach-matching, which truly democratizes internal coaching in a way that has not been done before. While other vendors may connect employees to external coaches, it is an expensive model. Fuel50 enables an internal coaching marketplace to support peer-to-peer learning, skills coaching and reverse mentoring at a much lower price point.

Josh Bersin, Industry Analyst and Futurist, highlights “Internal coaching is a perfect complement to a Talent Marketplace. Fuel50’s coach-matching will really help companies improve mobility, career growth, and overall employee engagement.”

According to Bersin, “The coaching market has caught fire. Coaching really does matter, by the way. Study after study has shown that a coach (unlike a mentor, who is really your advocate) can be a teacher, a guide, and often a helpful psychologist. Now, thanks to AI, skills taxonomies, online video, and the power of social networks, you can find a coach for everyone.”

Powered by Fuel50’s proprietary AI engine which smart-matches people to opportunities based on their unique “career DNA”, Fuel50 can now accurately match people to internal coaches based on the skills and talents they wish to grow, their career development goals, as well as their values, motivators and future aspirations.

Fuel50’s Internal Coach Marketplace:

  • Supports HR by smart-matching employees to learning opportunities and internal coaches.
  • Helps organizations see the business impact of each coaching action by analyzing skills gaps, tracking employee career development actions and role moves, and generating post-coaching skills validation and feedback.
  • Presents the ROI of internal coaching initiatives in a clear and actionable way.
  • Enables knowledge-sharing across the business where HR can enable anyone to become a coach or define who they wish to be coaches – coaches and coachees are matched on skills and learning gaps, as well as coach expertise and knowledge.

Anne Fulton, CEO & Founder of Fuel50, says: “By leveraging the internal talent pool that exists within an organization, Fuel50 utilizes its powerful AI-matching to connect employees with coaches inside the organization that has the skills, talents and experience best suited to support their personal skills gaps and career development goals.”

Coaching can have a significant impact on business bottom-line, and leveraging your own internal talent pool first has a powerful return on investment too. Internal coaching costs the organization little to enable, whilst empowering the organization to tap into its wealth of institutional knowledge, experience, and business-specific expertise; with the added benefit of increasing the coaching skills of employees in a measurable and impactful way.

“Anyone contributing within their skills-coaching marketplace can get feedback and build their profile as a coach within the business while also allowing the coaching recipient to build their skills and receive skills-validation from others in the business,” says Fulton. “It’s a powerful ‘win-win-win’ scenario – the business gets measurable skills growth, coaches build their marketable profile and influence in the business, and employees benefit with skills development from those that know their business best.”

Working with best-in-class organizations all over the world and partnering with industry-leading analysts such as Deloitte and Josh Bersin, Fuel50 knows too well the pain HR experiences when it attempts to navigate internal Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives, let alone Internal Coaching. While most organizations understand the need for internal L&D and often set aside considerable budgets to support the reskilling and upskilling of their people, it can be very difficult for HR to quantify the impact and return on investment for these initiatives. We also know it can be time-intensive for HR to match their people to the right learning opportunities, mentors, and coaches.

Fuel50 has sought to solve these challenges with its new Internal Coach Marketplace.

“The ability to smart-match your people to internal career opportunities, learning, projects and now coaches is completely changing the talent experience. Both the business and employee can now see and feel tangible benefits where coaches, reskilling, upskilling and learning is best fit to personal career goals, skills, talents and values,” says Fulton.

With over 80 enterprise-level organizations partnering with Fuel50 today, Fuel50 has been able to unlock the future potential of over 1 million employees globally. Organizations of all sizes are increasingly using platforms like Fuel50 to connect their Core HRIS, ATS and LMS systems – effectively embedding Talent Marketplace solutions as the “front door” for employees to their talent experience.

In addition to smart-matching people to internal opportunities, coaches, career journeys, gigs, projects, mentors, learning, and vacancies – Fuel50 is also radically changing the career architecture and skills frameworks game with its powerful AI-enabled workforce architecture tool and its embedded Talent Ontology that has helped organizations future-proof and optimize their business for the new age of people-centric, democratized talent experiences, in a way that evolves with the fast-changing world of work.

For more information visit: fuel50.com/platform/coach

About Fuel50:

Fuel50 is an award-winning Talent Marketplace solution that delivers internal talent mobility, supports talent attraction, retention, upskilling and reskilling, and evolves an organization’s workforce for the future. Featuring AI forecasting of talents and skills and next-gen AI workforce architecture, Fuel50 is the future of work.

For more information, please visit www.fuel50.com and join the conversation on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Adrian Figueroa


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