Monarch Weather Consulting Launches Weather Intelligence GIS Content Solutions on Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As the entrepreneurs behind Monarch Weather Consulting, meteorologists Crystal Egger and Kathryn Prociv create customized weather solution platforms that put real-time, actionable weather intelligence in their clients’ hands.

A recent partnership announced with the Esri Startup Program will optimize Monarch’s ability to help clients from all industry sectors navigate weather extremes. Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, helps early-stage startups build mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) technology into their products.

Clients can now access Monarch’s weather intelligence data services through Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace here.

“Climate, environment, sustainability — they are really at the center of our lives right now, the topic of our generation,” said Egger, President of Monarch Weather Consulting. “We offer actionable weather and climate intelligence at a global level so companies can make better decisions going forward. As part of the Esri Startup Program, we will have the opportunity to support companies that aren’t quite sure what all this means for their respective business both today and in the future.”

“We are super excited to have Monarch Weather as a valuable content partner within the Esri Startup Program,” said Todd Smith, Executive Partner Manager, Emerging Business at Esri. “Providing hosted climate and weather ArcGIS services via the ArcGIS Marketplace will enable ArcGIS users to create new, important and valuable insights to deal with current challenges.”

In 2020 alone, 22 separate billion-dollar weather disasters cost the United States in a record-setting year that included multiple hurricanes in the southeastern part of the nation and devastating wildfires in California and the Pacific Northwest.

With climate change increasingly intensifying the frequency of extreme weather events, Weather Channel veterans Egger and Prociv formed their own company in 2019.

“Essentially, we turn weather into impact,” said Prociv, Executive Vice President of Monarch Weather Consulting. “Our goal for our clients is that they mitigate risk and reap rewards.”

Monarch’s team of Certified Consulting Meteorologists and Data Scientists, for example, note that extreme rainfall events around the globe are increasing in frequency and intensity. In July 2021, there was a 1-in-100-year rainfall event across parts of western Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. A 1-in-100-year event means there is just a 1% chance of a flood event like that happening during a given year.

“As climate norms shift, we have seen a surge of interest in precision flood modeling for parametric insurance,” Egger said. “Monarch’s data-driven analytics can assist with investment portfolios and apply to risk mitigation strategies across a variety of sectors, including hospitality, agriculture, real estate and development, municipalities and more.

As part of the Esri Startup program, Monarch will be able to combine its expertise in atmospheric science with the power of GIS technology, said Ashley Ballard, Lead Data Scientist at Monarch.

“Weather affects many industries across many spatial and temporal scales, which makes it a natural fit with GIS technology,” Ballard said. “GIS technology allows seamless integration through time and space of weather from the past, present and future to create actionable insights for advanced business analytics, supply chain metrics and global agricultural monitoring.”

Monarch Esri Marketplace Listings will include a suite of weather and climate tile packages served through ArcGIS Online to allow seamless integration with Esri products within the ArcGIS ecosystem. This will enable ArcGIS customers to consume it natively. These offerings are also available to non-Esri users.

Monarch’s ArcGIS Marketplace Offerings include:

  • Monarch’s Global Synoptic Flood Forecast Package provides flood risk outlooks for day-by-day with a four-day forecast. This is a global polygon feature service, based on Zulu time.
  • Monarch’s Global Heat Wave Prediction Package offers heat wave risk outlooks day-by-day with a four-day forecast. This is a global polygon feature service, based on Zulu time.
  • Monarch’s Global Cold Wave Risk Package provides cold wave risk outlooks day-by-day with a four-day forecast. This is a global polygon feature service, based on Zulu time.
  • Monarch’s Wildfire Weather Package includes a wildfire smoke tracker with current and forecast data related to wildfire smoke dispersion for the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia. This product is updated hourly with a six-hour forecast. It is a polygon feature service specific to the CONUS.

Note, update cadence or resolution can be increased, depending on client needs.

The company anticipates adding packages related to power outages, hail, a temperature fluctuation index and climate risk package — all on a global level.

Monarch Weather Consulting works with leaders in agriculture, insurance, investment, aerospace, logistics and transportation and anticipates adding additional sectors to its client base thanks to its partnership with Esri.

About Monarch Weather Consulting

Monarch is a women-owned company comprised of Certified Consulting Meteorologists and data scientists, uniquely suited to provide meteorological and climate services across various industries through advanced weather intelligence and analytics. Monarch works in tandem with METCON, a team of seasoned meteorologists and applied data scientists with over 35 years of experience with the US Intelligence Community. This powerful team is applying their combined strengths to the private sector where exclusive weather API can help companies navigate ever changing weather on both the local and global level, helping their clients mitigate risks and reap rewards. Visit us at

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