Alpha Capital | New Services with Growth of Treasury, NFT and 50% APR

Singapore, Singapore–(Newsfile Corp. – March 14, 2022) – Users of $ACAP will now receive an immediate 50% APR on staking tokens and get to use the latest services offered by Alpha Capital. Alpha Capital is an innovative platform where users can invest and profits are returned in $ETH. Professional crypto enthusiasts and experts have joined the Alpha Capital team to help members make informed decisions without the hassle of complicated market dynamics.

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Passive Income Generation Via Decentralized Community Fund

Alpha Capital uses Web 3.0 technology and their market prowess to create investment strategies in the form of yield farming, trading, and long-term investments. The team at Alpha Capital conducts market research to identify new and scalable opportunities and invests in them from the capital generated from each buy and sell of the token via their tax system.

The team also works with risk management and implements complex trading strategies via Yield Farming audited by their expert team of in house farmers. Furthermore, the profit generated from the investments is then reflected back into the investor’s accounts via dividend payouts in the form of ETH reflections.

The payouts and reflections are managed by smart contracts to ensure hassle-free and seamless payments to the users without any intermediary causing issues.

Growing the Treasury

For every transaction on Uniswap, Alpha Capital charges a fee used to fund the treasury. These funds are then used to pay reflections to the $ACAP holders. Higher trading volume on the Uniswap means a higher amount of reflections are paid to holders.

The same treasury funds are also used to invest in a diversified portfolio. The profits generated from these investments also goes back to the community in the form of reflections, more importantly, in the form of $ETH.

Alpha Capital will leverage the expertise of their house team and external professionals to identify profitable investment opportunities. In addition to Trading and Yield farming activities, Alpha Capital also looks at NFTs, private sales and whitelist opportunities to grow the treasury.

Alpha Capital has recently partnered up with Meta Capital to help the community leverage the opportunities in the NFT market. They help users get into metaverse-centric investments in metaverse projects and bluechip NFTs. This partnership will help the Alpha Capital community gain assistance with the broader NFT space to generate more profitable investment opportunities.

First Farming as a Service (FaaS)

Alpha Capital is one the leaders in the FaaS space. The users can leverage the market prowess of experts at Alpha Capital who will invest on the investor’s behalf, and the profits from these investments are shared with the holders accordingly.

AlphaPad Service for Hosting Projects

AlphaPad is a hybrid ecosystem consisting of a launchpad and incubation service meant to assist vetted projects and raise capital from the investors securely. The incubation service is meant to help project owners access a wider market and help bring key projects to the limelight.

With the Alpha Capital system implemented in AlphaPad, the project owners and members can build a symbiotic relationship. On one side the project owners can get investment, and the users can invest in profitable and vetted projects.

To Sum Up

Alpha Capital is an innovative DEFI 3.0 Protocol that executes carefully researched investment strategies across the crypto space through multiple asset classes. They manage all the risk, research, and due diligence associated with finding the right project so you don’t have to. The users can also stake the $ACAP token to receive reflections from the platform and in addition they also provide a quarterly dividend from the Treasury to all holders. We’d highly recommend you visit their twitter and listen to their weekly spaces that provides a detailed business update on what happens in the crypto space and all things Alpha Capital in relation to the growth of their business and what they plan to accomplish for the future.

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