AuthenticID Confirms US-Based Technology and Staffing

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#authenticidAuthenticID, a global leader in identity proofing and fraud prevention solutions, confirmed that its 100 percent automated identity proofing platform and related Machine Learning (ML) algorithms are developed solely on US-based patented technology and supported entirely by US staffing.

AuthenticID serves customers globally, but does not deploy services in Russia, China, or any OFAC sanctioned countries. All of AuthenticID’s staffing is based in the United States.

“With the uncertainties surrounding emerging international conflicts, and the disruption they create to physical and digital supply lines, it is essential that AuthenticID’s business remain free of foreign dependencies that could impact the continuity of service to our clients, as a result of potential commerce sanctions, whether implemented by governments or by other global enterprises,” says AuthenticID CEO, Jeff S. Jani.

Furthermore, by basing AuthenticID’s innovative solutions on US-based patented technology, the company provides an additional level of security even as the global political landscape changes.

“The advances in ML technology require strict governance within the control and maintenance of algorithmic drift and bias, whether intentional or unintentional,” notes AuthenticID CTO, Richard Huber, Jr. “AuthenticID’s Identity Decisioning platform has been developed so that it can operate without compromise from shifting political scenarios, which also positions us as a bedrock choice of service for national security interest applications that we are actively being considered for,” added Huber.

About AuthenticID

AuthenticID is a pioneer in the Identity Proofing and Fraud Detection space. AuthenticID’s fully- automated solution protects identities and mitigates fraud without sacrificing user experience. Founded in 2001, AuthenticID has deep domain expertise in verifying government-issued identification documents with the market’s most powerful, next-generation, automated AI platform for fraud detection and identity verification. AuthenticID’s patented platform is used by the world’s leading financial services firms, wireless carriers, and identity verification platforms.


Kristine Champion

VP of Marketing, AuthenticID

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