E2open’s Quarterly Technology Update Delivers Advancements to Boost Clients’ Productivity and Improve Compliance and Connected Decision-Making Across All Supply Chain Tiers

Highlights include enhancements to user experience and expanded capabilities across the platform for channel, planning, execution, and compliance

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–E2open Parent Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ETWO), a leading network-based provider of a cloud-based, mission-critical, end-to-end supply chain management platform, announces the release of its first quarter 2022 technology update. The robust enhancements help clients quickly make connected decisions across all tiers of their supply chains and become more resilient to any disruptions they face.

E2open’s 22.1 release marks a key milestone, with Harmony® user experience support for newly acquired transportation management capabilities from BluJay Solutions. In addition, the release creates tighter integration to external systems and provides new tools to better support cross-functional processes required for digital transformation. Clients can benefit from new network and application capabilities to increase productivity, compliance, speed of integration to ecosystem partners, and lower overall cost of ownership.

“Companies and brand owners continue to face unprecedented volatility in demand, supply and transportation constraints, which also have a significant impact in global markets,” said Pawan Joshi, executive vice president of product management and strategy at E2open. “In this dynamic environment, clients need more robust demand and supply planning, run at a faster cadence to help ensure service. Equally important is a network to collaborate and orchestrate the execution of these plans with outsourced ecosystem partners across the entire supply chain – from channel distribution to contract manufacturers and co-packers, to compliance and logistics service providers (LSPs). E2open provides this in one networked, end-to-end platform.”

“Whether you manage downstream or upstream supply chain operations, there is something new and valuable in this release for everyone,” continues Joshi. “New channel analytics with enhanced AI and dashboards provide a greater level of downstream control for managing distributor and retailer performance. Upstream, rapid Harmony support for E2open’s transportation management combined with the latest World Customs Organization 2022 Harmonized Standard Codes for international trade provides a powerful platform to manage global transportation, compliance, and customs filings needs. Overall, this release helps clients make better and faster decisions in a world of continued supply chain uncertainties.”

Highlights of the top enhancements in E2open’s 22.1 release by application suite include:

Channel Shaping

  • Extended deal registration capabilities, including comprehensive checks, dedicated workflows and an intuitive user interface, make it easier for partners to register sales opportunities, request exclusivity and participate in deal-based incentives. Brand owners gain channel pipeline visibility, increase partner loyalty, and reduce channel conflict.
  • Enhanced AI-powered algorithms automatically identify and correct product-related errors in the data reported by partners, which accounts for more than 50% of channel data issues. These algorithms eliminate the need for manual efforts and speed up error resolution with a positive and cascading effect on all processes that depend on the clean channel data.
  • New, comprehensive APIs provide brands easy access to retailer data for use in their downstream applications, business intelligence tools, or creating ad-hoc reports on their own. Incorporating demand signals in their business processes is now easier than ever.
  • New rebates and marketing dashboards allow brands to visualize incentives data by partners, geographies, products and programs, or analyze the complete breadth of channel marketing activities, starting from plans to approved and executed activities and claims filed by the partners. A rich set of newly defined key performance indicators helps brands draw insights and hone their future strategy to achieve business objectives and get a better return on investment from their channel spend.

Demand Sensing and Business Planning

  • New Scenario-as-a-Service capabilities spread scenario modeling across multiple servers, enabling better decision-making in even shorter timeframes. This scalability is especially valuable given today’s supply disruptions and the many consequential variables that now impact corporate decision-making and challenge planning teams to account for difficult-to-predict variables.
  • The new Variable Horizon Selector tool enables planning teams to evaluate and adjust data and plans based on custom “to” and “from” dates rather than the pre-determined and inflexible time periods that business planning processes normally include. This makes it possible for companies to achieve greater planning accuracy and meet demand most cost-effectively.
  • New capabilities for sales and operations planning (S&OP) enable companies to leverage enhanced visuals, charts and real-time data across an even wider spectrum of scenarios to more quickly identify, prioritize, and respond to disruptions and opportunities. Enhancements like these are important because they help diverse teams account for the evolving variety of data sources, analytics and interactions that affect the S&OP process.

Global Trade Management

  • The proprietary content within E2open’s Global Knowledge® is updated to cover the much-anticipated WCO 2022 HS amendments for countries that published changes. This initiative alone accounts for over 4 million amendments to Global Knowledge. In 2021, the Global Knowledge content team processed nearly 50 million records.
  • E2open’s customs filing capabilities have been updated to manage the major compliance changes in the United Kingdom Customs Declaration System (CDS). This allows traders and declarants to smoothly continue their customs operations and benefit from a more secure and efficient customs process on a connected SCM platform.
  • Customs filing coverage has been expanded to comply with new or changing country declaration requirements. This includes new coverage for Finland (Export), Estonia (NCTS), and updates for France (NCTS Delta-T).
  • In addition to Ireland and The Netherlands, shippers and logistics service providers declaring the new Low-Value Consignment type can use E2open to file in Germany, following German Customs’ official ATLAS-IMPOST schedule and agenda. Conformity with this January 2022 regulatory change enables the collection of additional duties and provides shippers with a compliant system that is officially certified on ATLAS 9.1, the software used by the German Federal Customs Administration.

Transportation and Logistics

  • The former BluJay TMS applications now have the E2open Harmony user interface experience and connection to the E2open network of ecosystems. In addition to the seamless experience, the intuitive interface improves productivity, accelerates initial deployment, and reduces training time for new users.
  • Automated dock appointment scheduling considers a shipper’s pre-defined logic and planned date and time for new loads against dock capacity and availability to auto-schedule appointments. This gives shippers control over their dock availability and slots while reducing the repetitive appointment scheduling activities.
  • Enhancements now allow the selection of a shipping guarantee service for all dry, in-gauge and flexitank ocean container bookings with Hapag-Lloyd. This option prevents potential rollovers and delayed shipments, streamlines business processes, and helps mitigate ocean shipping risks.
  • To reduce the costs for carriers to reposition inland containers, transport companies can request to re-use an empty container to pick up an export shipment instead of returning it to the depot. This capability connects available equipment with truckers, suppliers and customers for more efficient and sustainable moves.
  • All planning and dispatching tasks in the mobile application for routing and scheduling have been automated using algorithms to reduce manual interaction. As changes are made to the route plans, attributes related to each delivery are considered and routes are re-optimized as necessary, improving customer service levels and efficiencies. Additionally, alerts are triggered when drivers do not accept changes.

Supply Management and Collaborative Manufacturing

  • Clients can now include manufacturing routing and test plans in product design specifications to improve collaboration with external manufacturers. Validation of production data against these new entities improves compliance and manufacturing quality, increasing overall productivity.
  • Process-specific workflows enable multi-party collaboration and orchestration across procurement, logistics, and manufacturing functions. These flexible workflow capabilities improve the speed and accuracy of collaboration between internal and external partners.
  • By email, brand owners can now share forecast and inventory time series attributes with long-tail partners. These new attributes contain critical information required for multi-tier collaboration and improved accuracy of long-tail partner forecast commitments. Also, enhanced automation of forecast commit responses from long-tail partners through email-based collaboration helps improve supply assurance.
  • Improved self-service capabilities enable administrators and power users to specify purchase order collaboration exceptions through proactive alerts. Intuitive wizards allow for reduced configuration effort and enhance response time significantly.

Network (E2net)

  • E2open demonstrates continued alignment with SAP’s annual release cadence on its flagship ERP product, S4/HANA. The E2open Add-on for SAP certification on recently released S/4 HANA 2021 helps customers expedite integrating with E2open cloud-based applications. Additionally, E2open’s Add-on earned certification for the SAP SaaS version of S/4HANA called Extended Edition.
  • E2net’s renewed certification of the AS2 protocol from the Drummond Group continues to support the rapid onboarding of trading partners worldwide. This enhancement reinforces E2open’s commitment to best-in-class interoperability via network standards.

As a cloud-based offering, E2open consistently brings the best in channel and supply chain management technology to customers. To learn more about the full breadth of updates in this quarterly technology update, clients may join E2open’s 22.1 product release webinars through the MyE2open portal.

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