EinSource Hires a Cartoon Character

If less is more, simpler is better

HARTFORD, Conn., March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EinSource, an advisory firm dedicated to helping its customers establish systemic, systematic, and sustainable innovation, has hired a cartoon character as its spokesman. The character, the EinDude, is better known, at least to himself, as The World’s Foremost Authority. Given the propensity of comics to engage, educate, and entertain, the EinDude’s chief responsibility will be make the complex simple. The EinDude will appear in a periodic comic strip called, Kabuki.

“There’s still a great deal of confusion swirling around innovation,” said Don Judson, CEO at EinSource. “The EinDude has a way of saying and illustrating things with effective directness and simplicity. And since a picture is worth a thousand words. We figured Kabuki would be worth more than that. And if we’re not careful, we might have a little fun along the way.”

The title of the strip, Kabuki, derives from the notion of Innovation Theater, coined by Steve Blank in 2015. EinSource derives from a commitment to helping organizations move innovation from conceptual notion to actionable, sustainable reality.

“Innovation has been my passion for at least 15 years,” said Ripi Singh, Chief Innovation Officer at EinSource. “I never thought I’d have the practice of innovation explained to me by a cartoon character. But if the EinDude helps our customers, he helps all of us at EinSource. So, I say, ‘Welcome aboard.’”

The EinDude elected not to be quoted for this press release.

For more on the EinDude, please click here.

About EinSource

EinSource helps companies add innovation to their mindsets and their operations to create discernible competitive advantage. EinSource augments their methods, mitigates their risks, creates more opportunities, and capitalizes on them with a variety of business-improving services. Those services include Discovery, Innovation Readiness Assessment, Strategy Development, Ideation, Implementation, Virtual Chief Innovation Officer, and International Standards for Innovation Management (ISO 56000). To help achieve systemic, systematic, and sustainable innovation, EinSource clients can use EinFrame, the company’s proprietary but completely interoperable Saas framework. For more information, please visit www.einsource.com.

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