Everstream Launches Multi-Tier Supply Chain Visibility Solution to Mitigate Previously Invisible Risk

Everstream Discover Reveals Multi-tier Supplier Network Risk, Improving Global Supply Chain Visibility and Resilience

SAN MARCOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Everstream Analytics, a leading supply chain risk insights and advanced analytics provider, today announced the availability of Everstream Discover. Powered by proprietary data, AI and graph technologies, the solution gives users visibility into their entire supply chain and the highest level of risk insights, recommendations and protection against disruption. Discover is the only automated multi-tier visibility solution fully integrated with an end-to-end supply chain risk management platform.

Supply chains are only as strong as their weakest link, and in today’s complex networks, many companies have little insight beyond their tier-1 suppliers. According to McKinsey, roughly 51% of supply chain disruptions occur in tier-2 suppliers and lower, but only 2% of companies have visibility into their supply base beyond the second tier. With millions of corporate relationships and billions of transactions across disparate business networks, proactively and manually identifying risk across multi-tier supply chains is nearly impossible.

Discover identifies the most impactful risks in the network and creates targeted insights-based inputs from the Everstream platform, including incident monitoring, predictive risks, ESG, and shipment data, slashing the time, cost, and complexity of traditional supply chain management practices. The platform can map, monitor, assess, predict risk, and protect complex global supply chains, helping solve one of the most significant sources of risk for customers.

“As we’ve witnessed over the last 24 months, lack of supply chain visibility can cause massive global disruptions; and this is further exacerbated when access to products, materials and services needed for customers are not within reach,” said Julie Gerdeman, chief executive officer, Everstream Analytics. “With the Discover solution, users can now see deep into the supply chain, revealing potential risks before they impact revenue and customers. For example, getting a 4-month head-start via sub-tier visibility on a critical component to a single $50M product line could avoid margin loss of millions of dollars.”

Major supply chain disruptions over the past two years have made supply chain resiliency management a business imperative. Organizations can use Everstream Discover to understand key multi-tier dependencies that create bottlenecks, achieve supply chain law compliance, avoid transportation lane delays, and gain advanced protection against extreme weather events.

Traditional approaches to multi-tier supply chain visibility involve tedious and expensive manual processes, often based on subjective or inaccurate data. Everstream’s product-centric integrated approach combines data based on billions of supply chain interactions with powerful AI, advanced analytics, and graph technology to produce long-range strategic risk assessed at the material, supplier and facility location level. As networks and risks change, so does the assessment, keeping the customer on top of where risk lies with a clear path of how to mitigate it.

To learn more about the Everstream Discover, please visit https://www.everstream.ai/solutions/everstream-discover/.

About Everstream

Everstream Analytics sets the global standard for supply chain resilience and agility. Applying artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to its vast proprietary dataset, Everstream’s proven solution integrates with procurement, logistics and business continuity platforms to provide end-to-end and multi-tier visibility into supply chain risk. With Everstream, business leaders gain vital context based on comprehensive information, sharper analysis and accurate predictions needed to get in front of what’s ahead. To learn more, visit www.everstream.ai.


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