Folloze Announces Winners of its 3rd Annual “Best Buyer Experience Board” Competition

As the shift to digital selling accelerates, B2B marketing teams are embracing their new mandate as buyer experience architects and journey builders

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Folloze today announced the winners of its annual Best Buyer Experience Board Competition. This annual award recognizes B2B marketers that are building exemplary next-gen experiences across the buyer journey using the Folloze platform.

B2B marketing teams across every industry are emerging from two challenging years that rapidly accelerated digital transformation. In its wake, marketing teams are assuming an elevated role to support digital selling and drive the growth agenda.

Awards were given for Best Nurture Program, Best Resource Center, and Best Event Landing Page. Winners were selected based on several criteria including design and visual impact, content, storytelling, and the company’s ability to deliver on its board’s promise.

Empowering Frontline Marketers

A single Folloze Board is a blank digital canvas that empowers any frontline marketer to quickly build content-rich destinations and campaigns across the entire buyer journey — with no code required. Boards combine existing customer and intent data with content to create relevant and connected experiences for any go-to-market use case.

“Over the past year, our customers rose to the challenges and built some truly innovative Folloze Boards,” said Etai Beck, CEO and co-founder of Folloze. “This year’s winners reflect the elevated role of marketers as buyer experience architects. At the same time, frontline marketing teams are blazing a new trail in the field to support a digital selling environment with their sales counterparts.”

The Award Recipients

There were two winners awarded in our Best Nurture Program category. With impressive submissions from both Oracle and Cisco, we couldn’t choose just one winner. Oracle’s board showcased a 1:1 integrated program, designed specifically for CVS Health. The board provided premier-level access to resources, campaigns, and events across marketing, using storytelling and images that tied it all together. Oracle made impressive use of Folloze to uncover new contacts and foster executive relationships.

“This has been one of our best boards,” said Kelvin Gee, head of strategic client marketing at Oracle. “The deep personalization aspect allowed us to involve the sales team in a photo shoot that showcased how they personally experience CVS. Folloze allowed us to deliver a unique, engaging and relevant experience to our customer.”

Cisco was awarded for its SASE Sprint board. The board dynamically personalized an experience that guides an organization through a cloud transition. The board was well designed, with easy-to-digest information. The campaign was also recognized with a Forrester Award for Program of the Year. With an impressive multi-channel strategy, the data-driven board made a significant and positive pipeline impact.

“The mission was to create a personalized experience, and foster engagement,” said Marcelo Bussacarini, head of cybersecurity marketing for APJC (Asia) at Cisco. “This was the first board our team created with Folloze, and it played a significant role in positively influencing pipeline.”

Our Best Resource Center award went to Demandbase, for its impressive launch and promotion of the B2B streaming hub, Demandbase TV (DBTV). This board broke new ground, leveraging an impressive design and content to highlight powerful social and testimonial proof. It enabled knowledge sharing across its industry, spanning personas, pain points, and buyer stages.

“DB Central and DBTV — our Folloze content hub — has been a passion project for our team for the past 8 months,” said Jon Leiberman, vice president of content, social and influencer marketing at Demandbase. “To win an award like this, and to know what the boards mean for customers and prospects, is a validation that our content strategy is working.”

ZS was selected in the Best Event Landing Page category for its launch of a custom webinar series, featuring the latest thinking and expert perspectives across R&D in the pharmaceutical industry. With an impressive design and use of content, the ZS Folloze board provided differentiated experiences, including a co-branded series page to register for upcoming webinars, discover previous webinars, and easily access ZS’s latest thought leadership and research.

“I love the platform because it allows us to quickly create custom messages and experiences for our clients in order to enhance the way they engage with ZS,” said Rachel Helwig, account-based marketing lead at ZS. “We’re still relatively new to using Folloze, and we haven’t even begun to tap all of the things we can do. I am excited about what is yet to come.”

Honorable Mentions

Lakeland Industries, Inc. received an Honorable Mention in the Event Landing Page category with a well-designed and engaging board for one of its largest events of the year. In addition to promoting the event, the board was used to foster engagement after the live event had ended.

AI-powered workplace safety software provider Intenseye received an honorable mention in the Resource Center category for its superior use of Folloze to provide information around the launch of its Smart Device enhancement. We were particularly impressed with Intenseye’s categorization of resources by use case, which was visually appealing and effective.

“I congratulate this year’s winners of our Best Folloze Buyer Experience Board competition,” said Beck. “Each underscores a changing marketplace and reflects a growing community of frontline marketers spanning ABM, to field and events, to demand generation. Their passion and creativity has inspired our community to share their best practices, campaign designs, and innovative use cases.”

About Folloze

Folloze provides the leading B2B Buyer Experience Platform. Folloze empowers marketing and sales teams to quickly create rich, personalized, and value-added experiences that maximize the revenue impact across the entire customer journey — with no coding required. Folloze has delivered over 300,000 campaigns, and $11 billion in pipeline for top B2B Brands including Cisco, Okta, Oracle, Autodesk, and Qlik. To learn more about Folloze and best practices to drive growth across the entire B2B buyer journey, go to



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