Illumio and Cylera Launch Integrated Solution to Reduce Cyber Risk and Isolate Breaches for Healthcare Providers

On Heels of Government Warning of Increased Attacks, New Integrated Solution Can Protect IT, IoT, and OT Environments

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Illumio, Inc., the pioneer and leader of Zero Trust Segmentation, and Cylera, Inc., a leader in medical device (IoMT) and enterprise OT cybersecurity, today announced an integrated solution for healthcare providers, designed to reduce the risk of catastrophic breaches and ransomware attacks and to accelerate the path to Zero Trust security adoption for healthcare providers globally.

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center (HC3) recently warned U.S. healthcare providers that cyberattacks could soon increase in response to geopolitics. Meanwhile, the attack surface in healthcare continues to dramatically expand as medical devices and IT systems become more hyperconnected than ever. This hyperconnectivity is precisely what bad actors rely upon to rapidly move across data centers and hospital medical device networks. Unfortunately, most healthcare providers have insufficient visibility into their IT network, and even less visibility into their diverse inventory of medical IoT and OT devices, including how all these systems interact with one another. By combining Illumio’s IT network map with Cylera’s medical device map and vulnerability analysis in a single view, healthcare providers can gain a holistic picture of risks and take immediate steps to apply segmentation within and between the two types of networks.  

Cylera’s asset centric security platform applies unique, patented capabilities that identify, assess, and mitigate risks of connected medical, IoT, and OT devices across healthcare networks. Cylera’s network and agentless approach allows for monitoring of all connected devices without impacting operations or services. The “digital twin” approach leads to accurate asset inventories, superior risk analysis, highly enriched threat intelligence about the devices, and shortens the time it takes for IT security teams to mitigate risks.

In an increasingly complex and hybrid world, the attack surface has widened, making it easier than ever for attacks to spread – inducing greater business risks across the enterprise. Illumio ransomware mitigation and Zero Trust Segmentation solutions stop lateral movement and contain breaches before they spread and become catastrophic.

“With ransomware attacks on healthcare providers on the rise, Cylera’s integration with Illumio is essential to help our customers see and mitigate their risks,” said Timur Ozekcin, Co-Founder & CEO of Cylera. “The integration of Cylera’s asset centric security platform with Illumio’s Zero Trust Segmentation shows how technologies from two industry leaders can dramatically complement each other to give healthcare providers the unified visibility and control they need.”

“It has never been more urgent for healthcare providers to improve cybersecurity and adopt a Zero Trust Segmentation approach in order to stop breaches and ransomware from spreading into cyber disasters,” said Joel Bauman, Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development at Illumio. “The Illumio integrated solution with Cylera gives healthcare organizations an easy way to both see and detect threats in IT, OT, and medical IoT environments and to rapidly isolate those breaches before they cause significant damage.”

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About Cylera
Cylera is a leader in agentless IoT cybersecurity and intelligence, with a mission to safeguard what matters most: the devices that enable our world. Cylera delivers an asset centric cybersecurity platform that discovers devices, analyzes risks, detects vulnerabilities, helps reduce the attack surface and implement Zero-Trust, and continuously identifies threats or malicious devices. Cylera is a privately held company and headquartered in New York City.

About Illumio
Illumio, the pioneer and market leader of Zero Trust Segmentation, prevents breaches from becoming cyber disasters. Illumio protects critical applications and valuable digital assets with proven segmentation technology purpose-built for the Zero Trust security model. Illumio ransomware mitigation and segmentation solutions see risk, isolate attacks, and secure data across cloud-native apps, hybrid and multi-clouds, data centers, and endpoints, enabling the world’s leading organizations to strengthen their cyber resiliency and reduce risk.

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