NextGate Unveils Verify – The First and Only EMPI Component Capable of Achieving 100% Data Accuracy Through Patient Involvement

Leader in Patient Identity Modernization Releases New Feature that Eliminates Errors in Digital Health Records by Allowing Patients to Review and Revise Personal Information

PASADENA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DigitalidentityNextGate, the global leader in patient identity modernization, today announced Verify™, a first-of-a-kind feature of its leading Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) tool that achieves 100% patient data accuracy. After pioneering the original EMPI for healthcare over two decades ago, NextGate’s latest innovation (available in its Version 11 update) empowers patients to take control of their personal health data through the ability to review records and flag inaccuracies.

Data discrepancies in patient medical profiles are a widespread industry issue that impacts both the health system and the individual seeking treatment. Inaccurate health records can severely harm patients, create unnecessary billing headaches, result in financial and reputational loss and more. To resolve data inaccuracies, recent trends in patient matching have moved toward relying solely on referential data from credit or telephone records via a third-party credit bureau. This approach creates the risk of numerous false positives and may exclude individuals with outdated credit history or no credit history at all. Verify provides an additional layer of identity accuracy by including the patient to confirm their health data is correct.

“Today’s modern healthcare landscape demands that institutions engage with patients in a way that is familiar and comfortable,” stated founder and chief executive officer of NextGate, Andy Aroditis. “Verify makes the transition easier for organizations by providing comprehensive registries and reliable data that improves patient experiences and lowers costs by decreasing errors.”

Verify utilizes patient engagement as the final system of checks and balances to create a single best, 100% accurate health record. By acknowledging that no one knows the patient better than the patient themselves, Verify enables healthcare organizations to directly engage through email, text message or app-based platforms to resolve inconsistent or inaccurate data to complete the 100% accurate health identity. The approach protects profits, supports improved outcomes and brings the industry one step closer to a decentralized digital identity.

“Healthcare organizations have been increasingly investing in patient engagement strategies as they move toward a more consumer-friendly approach to care,” said Dan Cidon, co-founder and chief technical officer at NextGate. “Our goal with Verify is to leverage that transition and use it to improve the quality of identity data within our EMPI. This will help organizations streamline their services and improve patient satisfaction.”

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