Nymbl Science Hosts March 31 Webinar, “Cost, Quality, and Member Experience: Why Addressing Mobility Transforms Your Health Plan”

Falls account for 6-8% of Medicare Advantage expenditures

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nymbl Science, an innovative health technology company dedicated to preventing falls, will present a webinar entitled “Cost, Quality, and Member Experience: Why Addressing Mobility Transforms Your Health Plan” on Thurs., March 31 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. ET. The free webinar is hosted by Strategic Solutions, which is dedicated to transforming healthcare through innovative technological solutions.

Nymbl Science is becoming the future of mobility and balance improvement with its evidence-based approach that combines fun cognitive challenges with simple body movements (known as dual-tasking). Nymbl works with health plans to provide a population health mobility solution that improves quality ratings and member experience and reduces the cost of falls.

Webinar participants will hear from Nathan Estrada, PT, DPT, clinical vice president for Nymbl Science. Dr. Estrada is a subject matter expert on older adult balance training and fall prevention. Passionate about helping older adults age independently, Dr. Estrada often states that “aging is not a disease.”

Falls are expensive. In the United States, $67.7 billion is spent annually on them, costing Medicare Advantage plans 6-8 percent of their total expenditures. Falls represent the number one anxiety point of aging, as they’re the leading cause of preventable death and injury in older adults.

With baby boomers aging and life expectancy increasing, falls have become more of a problem than in previous generations. About 36 million falls are reported among older adults each year, resulting in more than 32,000 deaths. The average cost of a fall-related claim is $16,000.

Boosting consumer confidence

The healthcare industry is transitioning to a consumer-first approach, making a Medicare Advantage plan’s rating more important than ever. Traditional, in-person mobility training is failing, with only one in 800 older adults engaging in that training. Yet one in three older adults has a fall annually and more than 10 percent of older adults have a fall-related claim. Nymbl’s digital, evidence-based mobility platform transforms a Medicare Advantage plan’s mobility improvement offering into a solution that will cut costs, increase ratings and positively impact a member’s experience.

Seniors comfortable with technology

Nymbl, which has been scientifically proven to reduce fall-related injury by more than 35 percent in older adults, is a digital program accessed through an app on a smartphone or tablet and is free to members enrolled in some Medicare Advantage health plans.

“Studies have shown that 97 percent of people over 50 own at least one primary smart device,” Estrada said. “Traditional balance training is missing 90 percent of older adult populations’ needs, failing to address the No. 1 anxiety of older adults, and causing them to fearfully box themselves into a less-fulfilling life.”

With over half a million training sessions completed, Nymbl Science and healthcare plans are partnering together and are committed to helping older adults reduce their risk of falling with Nymbl’s personalized, in-home balance training solution.

For information, visit www.nymblscience.com or register for the webinar here.

About Nymbl

Nymbl is the only company providing digital balance training that is scalable, insightful and cost-saving for its partners and effective and engaging for older adults. This scientifically validated balance training program trains the brain and body to work together, a concept known as dual-tasking. Using just a smart device, and in only 10 minutes a day, older adults are preserving and enhancing their freedom and enjoyment of life with Nymbl. Visit www.nymblscience.com.


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