Omniscient Neurotechnology’s Quicktome™ Platform Wins 2022 South By Southwest® (SXSW) Innovation Award

– Omniscient’s revolutionary connectomic brain mapping platform, Quicktome™, is the world’s first and only software to non-invasively map human brain networks in astonishing detail

– SXSW’s Innovation Awards recognize globally significant, novel and promising technological advances in the fields of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Omniscient Neurotechnology Pty (“o8t™”), a neuroscience company focused on mapping and quantifying the human brain, announced that its Quicktome™ automated brain mapping platform has won the 2022 South By Southwest® (SXSW) Innovation Award, which acknowledges the most exciting tech developments in the connected world. Quicktome was lauded for its innovative ability to harness A.I. and machine learning to create a uniquely powerful view into the brain’s connections.

“By harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are generating insights into the complexities of the brain in ways that were never before possible – and bringing this power to doctors, researchers, therapeutics developers & brain technology innovators around the world,” said Dr. Stephane Doyen, Chief Data Scientist and co-founder of Omniscient Neurotechnology.

The company is a world leader in a rising branch of neuroscience called “connectomics.” Using advanced analytic techniques, the Quicktome platform can build a precision brain map from a standard MRI scan – personalized to the individual – in less than one hour. It is the only software commercially available today for mapping the brain’s higher cognitive and emotional regulation networks. The company is building applications for neurology, mental health and human performance.

In a world first, Quicktome was recently cleared by the U.S. FDA for use by neurosurgeons in planning life-altering brain surgery. The tool provides neurosurgeons with a unique and personalized map of each patient’s brain networks prior to surgery, which may help surgeons minimize risks and maximize outcomes for their patients.

“It’s invigorating to have the tech community share in our excitement about connectomic brain mapping and its positive impact on healthcare and humankind. This award from SXSW recognizes the profound significance of the Quicktome platform in unlocking the mysteries of the brain – and reinforces our confidence in our mission to improve the lives of billions through connectomics,” said Stephen Scheeler, CEO.

The Quicktome platform was announced as the winner of the award’s A.I. & Machine Learning category, which evaluates digital systems that replicate learning, problem-solving, and cognition. SXSW is an annual celebration of ingenuity and a destination for creators and technologists. It brings pioneers in these areas together through conferences and film, interactive media and music festivals.

About the Quicktome™ Platform

Quicktome™ is the world’s most advanced digital brain mapping platform that provides doctors, researchers, therapeutics developers and brain technology innovators with a personalized picture and understanding of an individual’s brain networks.

Such insights help inform doctors prior to administering precision brain medicine therapies such as neurosurgery; allow researchers to explore the deep complexities of the human brain; enable therapeutics developers to engineer more precise treatments; and help brain technology innovators to build new tools for improving brain performance.

An individual’s brain networks are responsible for everything from their ability to talk and move to their thoughts and emotions. Brain maps can help scientists and doctors pinpoint specific locations in individual brains for treatment, research or augmentation.

To do this, Quicktome analyzes millions of data points derived from a standard MRI and produces a personalized connectomic brain map in less than one hour, for use on any device. This makes brain mapping completely non-invasive for individuals and practical for doctors, researchers, therapeutics developers & innovators alike.

The launch of the Quicktome platform is a milestone that combines decades of connectomics research – the study of brain connections – with cutting-edge algorithms and cloud computing. Quicktome has received regulatory clearance in the United States, Canada and Australia for use in neurosurgery.

About Omniscient Neurotechnology

Omniscient Neurotechnology (o8t™) is a neuroscience company focused on brain health, and a world leader in the field of connectomics. It is led by a team of physicians, data scientists and big-tech experts who are building digital brain maps to help science better understand, treat and prevent brain health conditions. The company’s aim is to use its intelligence augmentation software to find biomarkers, create diagnostic tools, refine therapeutic targeting and track disease progression. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia with additional offices throughout the world, the company is poised to change the future of neuroscience and make advanced brain-mapping technology accessible to all. To learn more, visit


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