Ovation Announces Partnership with Arkstone to Provide Actionable Antibiotic Treatment Recommendations

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#LIMSOvation, the premier LIMS/LIS software provider for molecular diagnostic laboratories, is proud to announce a new partnership and integration with Arkstone Medical Solutions, the leading provider of molecular laboratory infectious disease reporting and proactive antimicrobial stewardship.

Ovation LIMS/LIS enables prominent molecular diagnostic laboratories to provide comprehensive test results to thousands of clinicians nationwide. Now, these labs can deliver the Arkstone OneChoice report combined with the patient’s detected pathogens and antibiotic resistance genes outlined in the infectious disease laboratory results.

The OneChoice Report utilizes AI and infectious disease expertise to analyze molecular diagnostic results and deliver the most optimal treatment regimen with up-to-date guidance for physicians. By combining current guidelines and standard of care with infectious disease expertise, the OneChoice Report provides physicians with the tools they need to make evidence-based clinical decisions.

The partnership comes at a time when physicians increasingly turn to molecular laboratories for infectious disease testing. Modern molecular tests are preferred because they can deliver infectious disease results faster and—oftentimes—more accurately than culture-based methods. However, using infectious disease results to guide antibiotic prescription decisions can be challenging due to the complicated nature of analyzing multiple detected pathogens and resistance genes. Arkstone’s analysis of the patient results provided through Ovation LIMS/LIS gives physicians the information they need to prescribe treatment with confidence and speed.

“Arkstone’s goal is to democratize infectious disease knowledge and antimicrobial stewardship by empowering healthcare providers with information that can help treat their patients more effectively,” said Dr. Ari Frenkel MD, Arkstone’s Co-founder, Chief Science Officer and Infectious Disease Specialist. “This exciting partnership with Ovation will bring this revolutionary technology to even more laboratories, furthering our joint efforts to help physicians prescribe responsibly.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Arkstone so that Ovation customers can efficiently provide physicians with actionable microbial diagnostic results,” said Barry Wark, PhD, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Ovation. “We believe the combination of Ovation and Arkstone will be a game-changer for molecular laboratories looking to stand out to physicians as a true partner in patient care—working together to deliver better patient outcomes while helping slow the rise of antimicrobial resistance.”

One of the advantages of the partnership is that Ovation and Arkstone have worked side-by-side to create a seamless integration. Once joint customers decide to move forward, they can include therapy recommendations with their infectious disease results almost immediately.

“Integrating Ovation with Arkstone has had a massive impact on the labs we work with,” said Lee Schmidt, PhD, Chief Science Officer and Partner at Clear Lab Consulting Solutions. “The ability to provide actionable results to clinicians in hours enables labs of all sizes to compete with the biggest reference labs out there. The time to treatment is remarkable.”

For more information on Ovation’s partnership with Arkstone, visit our blog post here or reach out to us at partners@ovation.io.

About Ovation

Ovation is a scientific data company committed to unlocking the potential of human genomics data for development of life-changing therapies. Life science companies use Ovation’s scalable platform to access de-identified genomic data generated through a diverse network of diagnostic laboratories. Leading laboratories rely on Ovation’s cloud-based LIMS/LIS software to quickly adopt molecular tests, while transforming leftover samples into robust research data.

About Arkstone Medical Solutions

Arkstone is committed to stemming the global spread of antimicrobial resistance and the misuse of antibiotics by marrying advanced artificial intelligence with a deep understanding of infectious disease. Arkstone interprets lab results so that a targeted patient-specific clinical decision can be made with clarity, accuracy, and the latest available evidence-based information. Arkstone also provides antimicrobial stewardship programs to hospitals and nursing homes. Learn more at www.arkstonemedical.com or email info@arkstonemedical.com.


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