Perfect Corp. Presents Pioneering NFT Solution with AR Virtual Try-on Capability at 2022 South by Southwest Conference

The trailblazing virtual try-on enabled NFT solution empowers beauty and fashion brands to create fully immersive NFTs, bringing innovation and fresh excitement to the table.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Perfect Corp., the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, debuted its groundbreaking, new NFT solution at the 2022 South by Southwest Conference and Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. The announcement is seen as a major innovation in the beauty and fashion NFT space. As the first-ever end-to-end NFT solution enabled with AR virtual try-on capabilities, it provides brands with simple and time-efficient product digitization and NFT creation process, and enables end users to virtually try-on their NFTs. As we begin to interact with the digital worlds of the Metaverse, these wearable NFTs will allow consumers to express themselves, and enhance their digital personas in an exciting new way.

Perfect Corp. Attracts Crowds at SXSW 2022 Conference, Sharing Expertise on the Emerging AI and AR Technology Trends

The renowned South by Southwest Conference and Festival (SXSW), celebrates the convergence of the tech, film and music industries, as well as the newest trends driving innovation within these spaces. During the event, Perfect Corp. participated in two insightful sessions, which highlighted the many ways AI and AR technology are driving personalization and customer engagement in the NFT and retail space. During those sessions, Perfect Corp. was joined by its’ brand partners – Shiseido Group, and E.L.F. Cosmetics, to discuss the crucial role played by AI and AR in the digital transformation of the beauty industry. To watch a replay of both sessions, please visit:

Bringing Innovation to the NFT Space with Cutting-edge AR Virtual Try-on

As the beauty and fashion industries embrace the Metaverse, the fast-growing NFT market has emerged as a major playing field on which brands can build communities and connect with consumers in a new, meaningful way. Perfect Corp.’s AR-powered NFT solution adds a new dimension of engagement to the consumer NFT experience, bringing NFTs to life in a personalized way through virtual try-on capabilities. With this solution, brands will be able to transform and digitize their assets across multiple beauty and fashion categories including makeup looks, watches, jewelry, glasses, nail art, and more. By leveraging the most popular and widely used NFT-trading and NFT-wallet platforms, the new solution enables beauty and fashion brands to meet their customers where they already are, and drive revenue in this emerging space.

“We were thrilled to present our new NFT solution at the 2022 South by Southwest Conference, the pinnacle for the best technology, innovation, and emerging trends,” said Perfect Corp. CEO and Founder Alice Chang. “With this newly launched solution, we wish to empower brands to channel their creativity into creating next-level digital products for their customers. Moreover, as we embrace the Metaverse, it is increasingly important to have access to tools that help us express our personalities online, customizing our avatars to reflect our style and individuality in an authentic way.”

Limited NFT Collection from Perfect Corp. Now Available for Purchase

In addition to the new NFT solution, Perfect Corp. has released their own collection of AR-enhanced virtual try-on NFTs. These include several complete makeup looks, as well as a range of accessories. To view the collection, please visit

To learn more about Perfect Corp.’s new NFT solution, please visit

To view the full replay of Perfect Corp.’s SXSW session, “AI + AR Beauty Tech: Personalization and Consumer Engagement with Perfect Corp. and Shiseido”,

To view the full replay of Perfect Corp.’s SXSW session, “Transforming Social Commerce: AR Beauty Tech & NFTs with Perfect Corp. and E.L.F. Cosmetics”,

About Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp. is the leading SaaS AI and AR beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, dedicated to transforming shopping experiences through empowering brands to embrace the digital-first world. By partnering with the largest names in the industry, Perfect Corp.’s suite of enterprise solutions deliver synergistic, technology-driven experiences that facilitate sustainable, ultra-personalized, and engaging shopping journeys, as well as equipping brands with next generation of consumer goods. Perfect Corp. offers a complementary suite of mobile apps, including YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect, to provide a consumer platform to virtually try-on new products, perform skin diagnoses, edit photos, and share experiences with the YouCam Community. To learn more, please visit


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