SocialBook Launches New One-Click Video Background Remover to Address Creators’ Needs For No-Cost Professional Quality Videos

San Francisco, California–(Newsfile Corp. – March 17, 2022) – SocialBook has launched an outstanding video background remover tool. The tool is a one-click video background remover that automatically scans videos, isolates the subject, removes the background, and allows users to put a background of their choice.

Video Background Remover Tool: Step-by-Step Guide

Once users visit the SocialBook homepage, they can select the video background remover tool from the list of free tools in the footer area. After that, drop or upload video from their device. Alternatively, one can insert the link to video in the space provided so that the software can upload it by itself. If users don’t have a video but want to try the tool, they can use any of the videos placed below the “Enter an URL” button. Now, wait for a few seconds for the video to be fully uploaded.

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Screenshot of the Free Video Background Remover Tool

Note that users can only upload a video containing humans as the tool will not resolve other types of videos properly. After successfully uploading a video, they will find the uploaded video upon scrolling down. The next step is to click on the preview button below the video. Then, wait for a few seconds for the tool to isolate the video’s background.

When the tool has isolated the video’s background, users can now select from the different available color backgrounds, image backgrounds, and video backgrounds provided by the tool or upload their own desired background for the video. Finally, click on download to download the new video with the choice background.

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Video with a new background after using the video background remover tool

Here is a link to a video demo of the video background remover tool; it’s super easy.

Video Background Remover Tool: What’s in it for Creators?

SocialBook’s video background remover helps creatives save time as it eliminates the need to edit videos further or use chroma key software. Moreover, it saves their money as users neither have to buy green screens nor rent/create a studio space before they make decent videos. Users can utilize the space previously occupied by green screens for other aspects of content creation. The exceptional feature of this tool is that it provides a variety of backgrounds to use, and users can replace their video’s background with a color, image, or video. Amazing!

SocialBook: Enhancing Influencer Marketing

SocialBook is a two-fold company that helps connect brands and influencers, helping both parties achieve their goals. The Company has developed numerous tools to help influencers, brands, and content creators succeed. In addition, the software development firm continues to create new tools for creatives as the need emerges.

SocialBook‘s CEO, Heidi Yu explains, “If users want to speed up the influencer research process, use influencer marketing platforms such as SocialBook with the advanced search feature. All they need to do is to enter their audience’s demographic and desired influencer features, and the platform will surface influencers who fit their requirements.”

This influencer marketing platform helps influencers find brand offers, tools to grow their audience and do their jobs easily, and other influencers for partnerships. In addition, the company helps brands find influencers, manage campaigns, monitor competitors, and track sales.

SocialBook is at the moment developing a link hosting tool, Link.One, to help creatives earn money from content creation. Please check the SocialBook blog to get latest updates.

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