Steam Exchange Introduces a Unique NFT Gateway Solution, Designed for Cross-Chain Functionality Across Marketplaces

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – March 14, 2022) – Initially intended as part of Steam Exchange’s ‘Beyond Stage 3’ developmental roadmap, the team is pleased to share that they have made significant progress on their unique NFT Gateway. Designed with absolute convenience in mind, this specific aspect of the Steam Exchange ecosystem enables their userbase to access the plethora of NFTs available for trade across a wide range of NFT platforms. The Steam Exchange NFT Gateway will be a cross-chain tool that facilitates all purchases, offers, and bids, with the Steam Exchange native coin, playing true to their “one-stop-shop” solution for all things digital assets.

The Steam Exchange NFT Gateway allows for cross-chain partnerships with prominent and established NFT marketplaces, while at the same time offering a curated ‘spotlight’, ‘featured collection,’ and ‘featured artist’ section that is managed by the Steam Exchange team. As part of future expansion plans to the NFT Gateway, the team is working towards adding functionality that would enable the Steam Exchange NFT Gateway to play host to artists and creators from across the world and provide a home for their collections.

The Steam Exchange team will be verifying individual artists and collections across multiple metrics prior to providing them with their ‘stamp of approval’ or verification badge. The Steam Exchange NFT Gateway is one of the more jovial elements of their developmental roadmap and we are pleased to provide an initial experiential opportunity here – ( This link will go live on Monday, 21st March 2022.

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Neville Divecha, Co-founder and President of Steam Exchange, speaks to some of the added functionality and benefits here – “Designed as a separate silo within the ecosystem, yet remaining completely integrated with our back-end infrastructure – The Steam Exchange NFT Gateway adds another long-term utility to our upcoming native coin. All viewable pricing and trade action via the NFT Gateway will be facilitated with the Steam Exchange native coin. At the click of a button, you will be able to access NFT collections across multiple platforms and chains without the need to own their coin of choice. To name a few names and for the sake of examples – you would not require SOL for NFT trading on Magic Eden; you would not require ETH for NFT trading on OpenSea; one would be able to access and facilitate trading solely with the Steam Exchange native coin. When it comes to our Steam Exchange brand, it has always been our mission to provide ease of use and action upon our ‘one-stop shop’ mission. This relates to our multiple trading options, educational aspects and in this case our NFT gateway as well – we definitely want to continue to serve upon this vision and ensure that Steam Exchange remains your home for all of your digital asset needs.”

The team has spent a considerable amount of time on the NFT Gateway business model – instead of going against the grain, they’ve aligned on bridging the gap by providing a gateway to other NFT platforms across chains and allowing for transactions with your favorite NFT Marketplaces.

Chris Beckford, Co-founder and Vice President of Steam Exchange, shares that, “Absolute convenience and ease of use is the intention. This gateway also provides an opportunity for other platforms that wish to extend their reach and visibility. There will be a rigorous process to vet and qualify NFT marketplaces that we collaborate with. Security remains paramount as we work through this endeavor – the safety of our community is most important. There will be an added layer of security that comes into play with the NFT Gateway wherein all other connections will be mitigated while you use the gateway, thereby protecting our userbase. In the near future, there will also be added functionality wherein our users will be rewarded for transacting via the NFT Gateway – more to come on this note. Our community will be able to access the active ‘changelog’ on the initial experiential link – for our community to check in on progress here.”

Accompanied by progress on the Rails Network™ blockchain and the trifecta of trading environments, the team at Steam Exchange continues to deliver and work through their developmental journey. 10+ months in the making, the team is close to releasing their hybrid beta platform for community testing and feedback.

Steam Exchange is an upcoming hybrid digital asset trading platform – made in Canada, for the world. This article contains forward-looking statements.

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