TactileAI Launches Remote Product Testing Platform in Beauty Care

Data is derived in just a few days from surveys with a 90% completion rate, providing beauty brands with rapid and reliable consumer insights.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AITactileAI, a data analytics platform disrupting the skincare industry with in-home consumer product testing, has announced its official launch. Beauty brands will be able to gain objective consumer feedback in a matter of days.

The platform boasts a 90% survey completion rate, ideal for accurate and credible insights. This data was used to help with the launch of CHA’UL, the first Beiersdorf brand developed exclusively for the Asian market. “TactileAI gives us the opportunity to get rapid and real-time feedback from consumers. Their platform is a game-changer for our teams to do product testing in a data-driven way,” said Jacek Brozda, Beiersdorf’s Head of Ventures and New Business. Beiersdorf, a German multinational company, includes brands such as NIVEA, La Prairie, and Eucerin.

On TactileAI’s all-in-one platform, brands can easily design remote consumer trials that reach a global community of testers. The process is simple. Remote testers sign up for free product trials through TactileAI’s mobile app and receive rewards for completing surveys. Brands can view survey data in real time through a live dashboard. When trials are complete, TactileAI uses data science and AI to provide unique insights such as sentiment analysis, demographic preferences, and keyword extraction.

Effective insights are critical if products are to stand out in a space as competitive as the beauty and personal care industry. While indie brands may not be able to keep up with the high-budget marketing campaigns of established beauty giants, there is something all successful brands have in common: products with brand loyalty. Customer retention is more challenging than ever, especially given the plethora of options in the market. Brands must effectively utilize consumer data if they are to survive.

Remote testing methods and the digital collection of data are the future of product testing. The trend toward digital transformation has completely changed how companies conduct product testing, a shift that has been accelerated by the pandemic. However, creating infrastructure for remote testing is not always feasible. TactileAI hopes to provide a seamless solution that will not only help companies make this transition but also empower them with effective insights to build better products. Furthermore, modern methods make globalization more attainable, as remote testing eliminates geographical constraints.

“Our vision is to make consumer testing in the beauty care industry more accessible, data-driven, and scalable,” said Victor Oh, Founder and CEO of TactileAI. “With the official launch of our platform, we’re excited to partner with more brands this year, from indie brands to multinational companies, and help them launch successful products.”

The company raised $1M in seed funding last year and is preparing for its Series A round this year.

To request a demo, visit www.tactileai.io/contact.

About TactileAI

TactileAI is an enterprise SaaS platform that provides beauty brands with rapid in-home product testing and unique, data-driven consumer insights using AI and data science. Welcome to the modern consumer panel.


Victor Oh, CEO


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