YieldFarming.com Launches to Help Investors Master the Cutting Edge of Crypto

 Exclusive Educational Course, Community & Proprietary Tools Provide Proven Way for Crypto Holders to Print Passive Income, Even in a Bear Market

DeFi is the Next Frontier of the Crypto Economy but Barriers to Entry Mean Only 1% of Crypto Holders Participate; YieldFarming.com Makes it Simple

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DeFiYieldFarming.com, the first training course and exclusive community that empowers anyone to earn passive income through crypto, launches from beta today. As the only investor hub for the most innovative and fastest growing aspect of the crypto economy, YieldFarming.com provides all of the tools and resources needed to master Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and get paid by putting crypto holdings to work for additional income.

Unlike traditional finance where banks and other lending institutions provide liquidity and loans in return for interest, DeFi allows anyone who holds cryptocurrency to act as a bank and get paid for lending their crypto. Known as yield farming, this increasingly popular practice cuts out the banks that currently only provide customers with minimal interest through savings accounts, for example. With yield farming, crypto holders can not only keep their cryptocurrencies but now also earn interest by depositing assets in DeFi yield farms.

Yield farming is the newest opportunity in crypto and how the smartest investors are earning high returns. Even low risk yield farms are currently outperforming traditional investments and the most popular cryptocurrencies. Yet despite this promise, yield farming is still a nascent industry with often complicated barriers to entry that even most crypto investors find prohibitive, confusing and intimidating. It is estimated that just one percent of crypto holders have participated in DeFi activities like yield farming.

Through over 40 hours of advanced training and an exclusive, private community led by the foremost DeFi experts, YieldFarming.com guides users through the yield farming ecosystem to identify, research and profit from the best yield farms that fit their investment goals. In addition to live educational courses, YieldFarming.com also provides users with access to a suite of proprietary yield farming tools, spreadsheets and systems to ensure members are equipped to make smart investment decisions and reduce their risk.

“Unlike simply holding BTC, ETH or other cryptocurrencies and betting on their prices to increase, yield farming provides investors the ability to put their crypto assets to work and immediately earn interest. This is the best way for crypto holders to maximize returns — even in a bear market. Yet this opportunity has only largely been accessible to a select group of DeFi insiders,” said David Malka, co-founder of YieldFarming.com. “We started yieldfarming.com with the mission to create the first yield farming “Mastermind” class and open up the world of DeFi to a broader group of everyday investors.”

Malka has built a reputation as one of the most effective and trusted yield farming and DeFi experts and previously led a successful real estate fund. He and his co-founders have recruited an exclusive group of the most prolific and successful DeFi investors to serve as expert coaches for users.

Currently designed for people with significant crypto holdings and available through application, YieldFarming.com is the world’s only educational course and community dedicated to demystifying the world of DeFi. Since launching in beta earlier this year, YieldFarming.com has already helped thousands of investors become successful yield farmers. To apply to the YieldFarming.com Mastermind, visit www.yieldfarming.com.

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YieldFarming.com empowers investors to master the next frontier of the crypto economy. Led by a team of the foremost Decentralized Finance (DeFi) experts, YieldFarming.com coaches investors on how to put their crypto holdings to work to earn additional income. As the world’s first training course and exclusive community dedicated to yield farming, YieldFarming.com provides users with a suite of highly effective tools to identify, research and profit from the best yield farms. To learn more visit yieldfarming.com or follow us on Twitter. and YouTube.

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