2022 Retail Technology Show: Retail Pro International Showcases Omnichannel Solution for Streamlined Store Experiences with the Retail Pro Prism POS and Retail Management Platform

Retail Pro International with Pinnaca Retail & IT Solutions, DataScan Retail Systems, RIOT, XRETAIL, Loqate, and PAR, is showcasing solutions to streamline omnichannel store experiences globally.

Streamline omnichannel store experiences with Retail Pro POS

Visit Retail Pro stand 6E28 at the 2022 Retail Technology Show.
Visit Retail Pro stand 6E28 at the 2022 Retail Technology Show.

Olympia, London, UK, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today at the 2022 Retail Technology Show, Retail Pro International is leading the conversation on strategies to streamline omnichannel store experiences globally with the Retail Pro Prism POS and retail management platform, and is showcasing a complete omnichannel solution with technology partners, Pinnaca Retail & IT Solutions, DataScan Retail Systems, RIOT, XRETAIL, Loqate, and PAR.

“Retailers in 130 countries use Retail Pro and we are enthused at the momentum in retail today to transform digital strategies and unify retail on the Retail Pro Prism platform,” said Retail Pro International’s VP EMEAA, Bevin Manian. “As Retail Pro is a global platform, retailers are able to build streamlined operations with one robust technology – adapted to specific regional needs with localisations and fiscalisations – to manage their entire business across channels, countries and continents.”

New advances in the Retail Pro Prism technology are helping retailers improve efficiency in operations needed to support the omnichannel retail environment for more efficient omnichannel operations. With the Retail Pro Prism platform, retailers can:

  • Connect all points of purchase for efficient order management and fulfillment
  • Execute on BOPIS and curbside pickup with mobile POS
  • Keep accurate inventory counts with integrated, affordable RFID for Retail Pro
  • See inventory in the warehouse, in transit, in the back room, or on the sales floor

“As an Authorized Retail Pro Business Partner, our team at Pinnaca participates firsthand in retailers’ digital transformation, connecting amazing retailers with the advanced, mission-critical Retail Pro Prism platform,” commented Pinnaca Retail & IT Solutions CEO, Minesh Thakkar. “We dig in with retailers to consult on their goals and what they will need to build out their technology landscape most effectively for profitable omnichannel. Omnichannel, like retail, is always evolving, so having an adaptable platform like Retail Pro Prism is key to being able to act on learnings as retailers implement their strategies.”

Miniso UK is one such omnichannel retailer.

“The easiest way to describe a true omnichannel experience, both from the business’ and consumers’ point of view, would be to establish how seamless it is,” comments Miniso UK’s Chief Operating Officer, Saad Usman. “One of the things that drew us in with Retail Pro Prism for our omnichannel POS platform is that it’s scalable, and we can tailor it as we need for our business. Retail Pro Prism is a comprehensive software package – we’re still learning new capabilities all the time with assistance from our Retail Pro Business Partner, Pinnaca Retail & IT Solutions. The fact that Retail Pro Prism can be cloud-based and that support is available remotely were also factors we took into account when we chose Retail Pro.”

Miniso UK merchandise will be on display at the Retail Pro stand as part of the RFID and omnichannel solution demonstration.


Showcasing: Omnichannel Solution

Joined by their Partners, Retail Pro International is showcasing a complete omnichannel solution and will be speaking with retailers about what it will take to unify retail technologies and operations for their unique business needs.

Visitors to the Retail Pro stand will have the opportunity to learn about the following products and services:


Retail Pro – Take control of omnichannel store operations and inventory management with flexible Retail Pro Prism POS and retail management platform.

Pinnaca Retail & IT Solutions – Build your omnichannel strategy with full-service consulting, implementation, and support for Retail Pro Prism and all your retail technology needs from Pinnaca Retail & IT Solutions.

DataScan Retail Systems – Leverage DataScan Retail Systems’ expertise in analysis and design of effective Retail Pro Prism implementations.

RIOT – Count physical inventory in seconds with greater accuracy for store fulfillment options with RIOT RFID.

XRETAIL – Unify commerce, merchandising, marketing, and services across all channels with integration to supply chain, ERP, order orchestration and fulfillment from XRETAIL.

Loqate – Capture and verify emails, mobile numbers, and addresses in real-time for your online forms and checkouts with data services from Loqate.

PAR – Embrace mobility with sleek, versatile, and tough POS hardware from PAR that goes wherever you go.


Retail Pro International and their Partners are exhibiting 26-27 April 2022 at Retail Technology Show stand 6E28. Attendees are invited to visit the booth to see how they can connect physical and digital store experiences for a streamlined approach to omnichannel.




About Miniso UK

MINISO UK is a franchise of the Japanese-inspired lifestyle product retailer, offering high quality household goods, cosmetics and food at affordable prices. MINISO values excellent product design, value for money and comfortable shopping experience for its shoppers. The company was founded by CEO Ye Guofu, and the MINISO brand has opened almost 5,000 stores in over 90 countries and regions since 2013, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, UAE, India, and Mexico. We own the sole rights to operate as Miniso in the UK and Northern Ireland.


About Retail Pro International

Retail Pro International is a global leader in retail management software that is recognized world-wide for rich functionality, multi-national capabilities, and unparalleled flexibility, and has been named top POS for mid-market retail by IHL Group. For 35 years, RPI has innovated retail software solutions to help retailers optimize business operations and have more time to focus on what really matters – cultivating customer engagement and capitalizing on retail’s trends. Today, Retail Pro software powers unified commerce strategy for retailers in 130 countries with full POS, replenishment, inventory, promotions, and customer management functionalities available on any mobile or desktop Android, IOS, and Windows devices. 


About Pinnaca Retail & IT Solutions

Founded in 2015, Pinnaca provides fully outsourced, Retail technology solutions and consulting to UK-based businesses. Through analysis, formulation, and implementation, Pinnaca defines, develops, and optimizes tailored solutions for retailers’ strategies focused on needs and requirements. With comprehensive consulting services, Pinnaca aids in long-term planning, helping retailers determine the best direction for their future and what it takes to get there.


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