New Forrester Total Economic Impact Study of Replicated Shows 208% ROI

Increased DevOps Efficiency and Reduced Development Costs Saves HashiCorp $3.4M Over Three Years

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ROIReplicated, which enables software vendors to operationalize and scale the delivery of their applications into enterprise multi-prem environments, today released a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) report from Forrester Research outlining how software vendors can emulate Hashicorp to save more than $3M over the next three years. Replicated’s multi-prem distribution platform helps software vendors reach on-prem, private cloud, public cloud, and even air-gapped environments, improving security and offering a more consistent customer experience.

Replicated commissioned this Total Economic Impact study to evaluate cost savings for longtime customer HashiCorp, a leading global software vendor, who had previously been challenged in their efforts to deliver to and support software in diverse, complex customer environments. The study includes a three-year projected financial analysis and can be used by other software vendors as a model for how Replicated can help them increase DevOps efficiency while avoiding substantial development costs and reducing the burden of supporting their customers.

“HashiCorp was already doing incredible things with Terraform Enterprise. They have a world-class engineering team, and we feel like this report has shown that even the best in the business can realize huge benefits by adopting Replicated,” said Grant Miller, co-founder, and CEO of Replicated. “It’s been thrilling to see the cost and time savings they’ve had over the past few years, and there’s no sign of slowing down.”

Armon Dadgar, co-founder and CTO at HashiCorp, added, “We knew it was critical to have the ability to deploy to many different customer environments quickly. But building our own in-house, on-premises application distribution mechanism required too much engineering time and resources to ensure customers got the tailored solution they expected. With Replicated, we can seamlessly deliver into diverse customer environments, expanding our services and reaching new customers wherever they want to run.”

Key Findings

  • Development costs avoidance
    • Replicated eliminated the development costs of building an in-house distribution and deployment management tool at HashiCorp. As a result, HashiCorp showed development costs avoidance of $2.8M over three years. HashiCorp will also avoid the ongoing burden of maintaining and supporting this tooling.
  • Increased DevOps efficiency
    • With Replicated’s platform, HashiCorp simplified software distribution and management, thereby easing software deployment and realizing DevOps efficiency gains worth $552,442. The company can ship innovations and updates faster, has sped up installation time-to-value, and has greatly reduced its enterprise customer support costs.
  • Service Expansion and Customer Benefits
    • Replicated supports deployment to a variety of customer environments with a single architecture. This capability enabled the organization to expand its services to customers across all major cloud platforms and provide several software delivery options (SaaS, air gap, public cloud, private cloud, customer data center). By reaching new customers in different industries, Hashicorp anticipates significant incremental revenue growth, capturing market share and satisfying new customers’ requirements.

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