Wynd, AirByDesign and Carmel Cares Announce Groundbreaking Indoor Air Quality Initiative in Carmel-by-the-Sea’s Restaurants

The city’s restaurants are reducing the probability of infection from airborne viruses and pollutants while also averaging an estimated $17,000 in extra annual profit.

CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wynd Technologies, Inc. (Wynd), a maker of AI-powered indoor air monitoring and purification technologies, and Bay Area consulting and engineering company AirByDesign (ABD), announced the successful rollout of their Verified Clean Air program in restaurants in the city of Carmel-by-the-Sea. The groundbreaking certification program enables safer indoor air quality and dining conditions for patrons and workers in an innovative effort to support the local restaurant scene and bring the community together in a post-pandemic world.

The initiative was mobilized as a collaborative endeavor between Wynd, ABD, Carmel Cares and local business leader and philanthropist Bill Hayward. Carmel Cares is a volunteer organization dedicated to keeping Carmel beautiful, safe, and inviting. Led by president and “Chief Caring Officer” Dale Byrne, they have conducted extensive outreach to the city’s business owners to develop an integrated program that efficiently supports the restaurants in this world-renowned seaside destination. Hayward, CEO of the Hayward Healthy Home Initiative, had previously worked to implement Wynd’s air filtration monitoring system at the Post Ranch Inn’s Sierra Mar Restaurant in Big Sur, and enlisted the company’s help again for this initiative — this time with the addition of ABD.

“As a California-based company, we’re immensely proud to have helped improve the overall public safety within a municipality that prioritizes the health of its residents and visitors the way Carmel-by-the-Sea does,” said Dora Du, CMO of Wynd. “Our mission has always been to raise awareness around the importance of indoor air quality in addition to solving for it — and the results of our partnership with AirByDesign and Carmel Cares are a case study for what can be accomplished when businesses and local communities work together.”

To re-build confidence in the safety of indoor dining for patrons, workers and residents, the Verified Clean Air program leverages advanced technologies and techniques pioneered by Wynd and ABD. Starting with an initial assessment by ABD, digital twin models are developed for each restaurant, followed by the design of customized air quality improvement plans. From there, Wynd’s proprietary Halo air quality product suite is installed to actively sense, monitor, and purify each space in real time. Equipped with advanced artificial intelligence models, which can identify pollutants in the air, the Halo can dynamically control HEPA-grade Wynd Max air purifiers to keep the air pristine.

“Carmel-by-the-Sea presented the ideal scenario for our team to collaborate with Wynd — it’s already a world-renowned tourism destination due to its scenic beauty, charm and intimate atmosphere,” said Andrew Limcaco, CEO of ABD. “With more than 50 full-service, locally-owned and -operated restaurants in one-square mile, it has more eateries per capita than any other small city in the country. By scaling the application of this technology to larger cities and metropolitan areas, the implications are amazing for the recovery of the retail and service industries nationwide.”

Restaurants are increasingly signing up for the program, undergoing facility scanning, equipment installation, and staff training on how to educate customers about the system benefits. Blue window decals reading “Verified Clean Air; This business has invested in your health and safety” are displayed to let customers identify participating restaurants that are using the monitoring and purification system. To further facilitate visibility of the program and its mission, Wynd and ABD also provide restaurant owners with customized QR codes on every tabletop, allowing customers to not only view their menus but also see the live air quality reading in the restaurant themselves on the web. Additionally, a grant program has been made available for restaurants that need financial assistance for program participation, covering most of the first-year charges.

“As diners begin to move indoors again, the Verified Clean Air initiative assures locals and visitors to Carmel that our restaurants care about the safety of their staff and customers,” said Byrne. “Our restaurant partners have been instrumental in developing this unique end-to-end solution, and the early adopters are now seeing the benefits of this seamless approach to improving inside air quality.”

Since the program’s launch three months prior, Carmel-by-the-Sea’s participating restaurants have reported immediate improvements not just in air quality, but also guest satisfaction and revenue. This is being complemented by reductions in employee turnover and pandemic-related operational expenses — data collected by Wynd estimates that the cost savings and increased profit from improved air quality add up to more than $17,000 per year on average.

For questions about the program and installing the Wynd/AirByDesign program in your restaurant, please visit https://shop.hellowynd.com/pages/airbydesign.


Founded in 2014 by CEO Raymond Wu and his MIT alumni co-founders, Wynd offers a range of smart, sleek air quality sensors, monitors, air purifiers and related software that algorithmically learn from the data and insights provided from business and consumer customers to adjust how they monitor and improve air quality. Named to Time Magazine’s annual best invention list, Wynd is already well known for innovative air purifiers for the consumer market. From hotel rooms to restaurant tables and businesses, more Fortune 500 companies are increasingly using Wynd’s air monitoring and purification systems — early adopters of Wynd include Marriott and Innovatus Capital Partners. Learn more by visiting http://wynd.ai (enterprise customers) and http://hellowynd.com (consumer customers).


Co-Founded by Andrew Limcaco, CEO and Bill Hayward, AirByDesign came as a solution to the Covid-19 pandemic highlighting the need for innovative solutions to recover the retail and service industries highly impacted by the shutdowns and mandates. AirByDesign offers engineering expertise and a plethora of services to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), creating safer indoor environments. From monitoring, to inspecting, analyzing, and implementing engineering solutions in building’s Heating Ventilation and Air Condition System (HVAC) we can reduce the probability of infection of airborne diseases between occupants. Our unique engineered approach to IAQ and reduction of transmission of airborne diseases is at the forefront and currently being utilized in restaurants and schools throughout California.


Carmel Cares is a 501(c)3 nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to keeping Carmel-by-the-Sea a beautiful, safe, and inviting place through volunteer maintenance and improvement projects, branded community engagement programs, educational outreach and other creative activities. It partners closely with the City of Carmel’s Public Works Department and other nonprofit organizations to make a positive difference in their community.


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