Neptuno Celebrates Half a Century Serving the Telecom Industry

HOLLYWOOD, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Neptuno, a leading Telecommunications Infrastructure Provider celebrates 50 years serving the Telecommunications industry.

Baldassare Latino originally established the Company in 1972, to build Telecommunications Central Offices, but with the advent of Cellular Technology, it eventually specialized in the engineering, manufacturing, and installation of Steel Towers, going on to deploy thousands in the Americas.

Since its beginnings, Neptuno has seized every major shift in the industry as an opportunity to evolve, reinvent itself, and remain an active and innovative partner for its customers. Innovation through Legacy has always been one of Neptuno’s main goals, and as such, it currently is one of the leading companies in the creation of Digital Twins and Asset Tracking of Telecom Assets through its AI fueled Network Asset Administration Program (NAAP). Neptuno has created 3D Imagery of thousands of sites around the globe and is now committed to be a key player in the virtualization of Telecom Sites in the United States.

Today, the company remains a privately owned business, with Mr. Latino as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Neptuno Group, but with a very active and forward-thinking second-generation leadership, committed to keep expanding Neptuno’s presence and legacy, while standing strong in the old-fashioned values with which its founder created it: Integrity, Accountability, and the highest quality of products and services.

“This is an industry in which you must remain adaptable and eager to change and evolve with technology while honoring the workforce that makes it all possible. When I witness how business is being conducted today, it concerns me. Companies seem to be eager to tell customers what they want to hear, even knowing that what they are promising is impossible, so to compete, you either do the same or trust in the fact that at the end of the road, professionalism and integrity will stand out. So far, that commitment has taken us to our first half century in business, it hasn’t always been easy, but we are proof that it is possible. The culture with which I have grown this company, is one where we aim to build genuine relationships with employees, clients, and partners and where our biggest reward is a job well done,” said Baldassare Latino, Founder and CEO of Neptuno. “Let’s see what the next 50 years bring on!” he added.


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