Percona Announces General Availability of Percona Platform

A unified experience for developers and database administrators to monitor, manage, secure, and optimize database environments and supports private database as-a-service functionality.

RALEIGH, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Percona, a leader in open source database software and services, today announced the general availability of Percona Platform, which brings the company’s expertise with databases including MySQL®, PostgreSQL® and MongoDB® together alongside services, management and automated insights into a single product. Using the company’s experience in managing and improving some of the largest database installations in the world, Percona Platform helps users monitor, manage, secure and optimize their database instances across any infrastructure.

“Percona Platform brings the experience and expertise that we have built up over the years and puts it in the hands of developers and database administrators to use. It includes AI-powered recommendations that help users improve performance, management and security, as well as making it easier to scale up and manage their instances over time. With Percona Platform, we thought about how to improve the experience for developers and DBAs around running their data workloads, and how to help people achieve their goals faster around managing databases as part of their overall approach,” said Donnie Berkholz, Senior Vice President Product at Percona.

“Developers want to improve their efficiency and experience across their tasks, and databases are no exception. Improving this will be an area of investment for companies – whether this involves time for their staff to implement projects, or investing in cloud services to provide the tools they need. Percona’s approach to this challenge aims to provide self-managed control and internal ownership as well as the flexibility and ease of use that many companies tout with their DBaaS offerings. By offering a fully open source compatible service, Percona is looking to plug a gap in the market that many database companies are not able to cover,” commented Bradley Shimmin, Chief Analyst, AI platforms, analytics and data management at Omdia.

“There has been an explosion of data tools available to enterprises, which in turn has led to rampant fragmentation and highly complex, disjointed workflows. Organizations that prize velocity are looking for ways to integrate various data tools into their broader development workflows and monitor them. This is the opportunity that Percona Platform is built for. The combination of software and services in this space is intended to help customers better manage their database deployments,” commented Rachel Stephens, Senior Analyst, RedMonk.

“Percona has woven over a decade of open-source database expertise into a consistent, modern database experience for all organizations, from any cloud to on-premises. With Percona Platform we have built out our open source database software offerings, bolstered by automated insights, self-service operations, and the best database observability and management tools in the market. This launch will help us scale our business and create a sustainable model in the age of cloud, while respecting the freedom and accessibility that is open source. We have seen other companies turn away from open source and adopt closed source licenses in order to maximize their profitability, which we think is not in the best interests of customers. Our approach makes our expertise available to all our customers and users, putting their needs first,” added Ann Schlemmer, President at Percona.

Percona Platform is the culmination of the company’s work to expand and deliver its wide-ranging knowledge of databases into products that users can deploy quickly and use to improve their performance. As part of the launch, Percona has used its service expertise to create automated recommendation products called Advisors for customers that can help them immediately improve their results. It supports all deployment configurations, from public, private and hybrid cloud instances through to internal data center deployments. It supports both self-managed and Percona-managed instances, letting customers approach their database management in the way that suits them.

Percona Platform includes the following elements:

  • Percona Portal – access to all Percona services and product expertise through one unified online portal, covering multiple databases with enterprise-level features including backup, security, management, optimization and more
  • Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) – a database management product that is fully open source itself, allowing developers and DBAs to streamline their management tasks across multiple platforms from one place
  • New range of Advisors – automated insights that ensure user databases are performing at their best, including security management, configuration and performance improvements
  • Private DBaaS Technical Preview – this will support companies deploying their own DBaaS internally using open source database distributions, Percona management tool PMM and Kubernetes operators for MySQL and PostgreSQL. It will also support the same approach for MongoDB. This enables users to easily provision and manage database instances on a self-service basis across development and testing instances, improving the experience for developers
  • Percona Account – simplified user account management for all Percona products and services under one account


About Percona

Databases run better with Percona. Percona is the only company that delivers enterprise-class products, support and services for a range of open source databases including MySQL®, MariaDB®, MongoDB®, and PostgreSQL across traditional deployments, cloud-based platforms and hybrid IT environments. The company is committed to supporting open source as an approach to software licensing, development and deployment – its database management tools are used by millions of application developers, database administrators and IT professionals worldwide.

Percona equips businesses with the freedom to choose, the freedom to create, and the freedom to make a difference — helping them scale with speed as they grow. The company supports global brands such as PayPal, Vimeo, RockStar Games, Duolingo, Fiserv, Slack, Cisco Systems, and Rent the Runway, as well as smaller enterprises looking to maximize application performance while streamlining database efficiencies. For more information, visit

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