PurrSong Targets US Market with Its IoT-based Cat Healthcare Solutions

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIDoolittlePurrSong, a developer of IoT-based cat healthcare solutions, is planning to expand into the US pet tech market.

PurrSong’s LavvieBot S is a cat-friendly automatic toilet that can free you from having to clean cat litter every day. It provides a spacious toilet with an air purifying filter, and it does not only clean automatically but also refills with new litter to maintain a pleasant toilet environment for sensitive cats to use.

LavvieBot S blends into any interior with its modern and premium design and keeps the space fresh and clean using a deodorizer and step mat. Whenever your cat uses LavvieBot S, it checks up on your cat’s weight, bowel movement frequency, duration, and pattern and lets you know through the PurrSong Application: AI. Doolittle. The App will help cat healthcare precisely, and it also provides IoT healthcare solutions, so that cat caretakers can easily prevent obesity and bladder disorders which are typical cat diseases. PurrSong extends its healthcare services using AI. Doolittle, including Virtual Vet Visit, an AI based health advice programme.

LavvieTAG is also essential for people who want a more accurate fitness tracker for cats. A quarter-dollar-sized, lightweight LavvieTAG detects how many hours your cat spends walking, running, playing, and sleeping, and it even calculates calories burned. The battery lasts for 4 weeks, and the charging pad can charge up to 3 LavvieTAGs at a time. If you lose your cat wearing LavvieTAG, the cat’s location can be shared on PurrSong App, helping the cats to be returned to their loving homes.

PurrSong is a cat lifestyle design company, established in 2017, and is developing hardware/software for cats and their companions. LavvieBot S was introduced at CES 2019, 2020 and received rave reviews. Moreover, PurrSong showcased its three new products each of which can be connected to LavvieBot S to create a PurrSong IoT ecosystem at major global IT exhibitions such as CES 2022 and MWC 2022, which attracted a lot of media attention. PurrSong is also planning on showcasing its products in Interzoo 2022 and IFA 2022.

Taegu Noh, CEO of PurrSong, said, “We are looking to expand our sales mainly in the North America market, especially the US. The United States is the world leader in pet ownership of both dogs and cats. According to American Pet Products Association, a total of 45.3 million households own one or more cats and a total of 69 million households own one or more dogs. We see great potential in this flourishing market so PurrSong is planning to launch dog healthcare devices as well.”



Seunghee Hong (Sales rep)


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