Telsasoft announces interoperability with Summa Networks’ Subscribers Data Management solution

Telecom service assurance software provider Telsasoft announces interoperability with Summa Networks’ Subscribers Data Management solution, allowing carriers to seamlessly monitor critical mobile network functions from one single service monitoring solution.

Minneapolis (US) and Madrid (Spain), May 16th, 2022 – Telsasoft designs and develops operations support systems (OSS) and service assurance software for telecommunications providers. Their solution supports multi-vendor and multi-technology platforms to guarantee quality of service, efficiency and profitability to cellular and wireline operators and their customers. Summa Networks is the market specialist in Subscribers, Policy and Identity Management. Its solution is a complete software suite that includes UDM, UDR, AUSF, UDSF, HLR, HSS, AAA and PCRF/PCF to guide carriers in their transition to 5G, while still supporting their 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NSA networks. Today Telsasoft officially announces the interoperability of its platform with Summa Networks Subscribers Data Management solution to allow carriers to seamlessly monitor mobile network functions from Telsasoft’s monitoring solution as a single point of access.

According to Roger Schmitz, CEO of Telsasoft: “It is our mission to help carriers monitor their service, and we want to simplify their journey by offering them a solution that covers as many network components as possible, these playing a critical role in their service continuity. Summa Networks’ Subscribers Data Management solution is widely used by mobile operators in our region, so it was for us a logical step to make our solution seamlessly work with theirs. Carriers can now not only benefit from enhanced monitoring capabilities, but also of greater operational efficiency”.

“We share Telsasoft’s vision of offering the best possible service assurance to operators and we feel that Summa Networks’ software plays a role in guaranteeing maximum uptime to operators. We are glad that our solution interoperates with Telsasoft’s as it will offer carriers an even more complete tool to power and monitor their service,” says Javier Martin, Chief Executive Officer at Summa Networks. “Telsasoft has been the specialist in monitoring solutions for over 25 years and is therefore one of the service assurance tools we would recommend to operators worldwide”.

About Summa Networks
Summa Networks is the market specialist in Subscriber Data Management (SDM) and Policy Management. Our mission is to guide carriers of all sizes and types in their transition towards 5G, while they still need to operate on 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NSA networks until ready to upgrade to 5G SA, first as an overlay function in hybrid interworking mode, then as pure 5G Standalone at the end of the way. Our trusted SDM solution, including an HLR, HSS for LTE, HSS for IMS, 5G NSA, UDR, UDM, AUSF, PCRF, PCF provided in a single piece of software, has a numerous set of features like AUC, EIR, DNS/ENUM, Lawful Interception (HSM), AAA for VoLTE and VoWiFi. Cost-effective as software optimises the use of HW resources, our solution is suitable for MNOs, MVNOs, MVNE/As, Private LTE, IoT networks and Secure communications.

About Telsasoft
For over 25 years, Telsasoft has strived to provide superior telecommunications service assurance tools so that cellular and wireline operators have the best possible quality of service, efficiency and profitability. We have combined our years of cellular expertise with feedback from our customers to produce software that is both sophisticated and easy to use. Our solutions and operational software are designed to scale with your business as your processes and network become increasingly complex. Telsasoft is a privately held company with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Press contacts
Roger Schmitz, CEO
T +1 320 291 9981

Summa Networks
Francesca Rigamonti, Marketing director
T +31 6 8685 1392

Source: RealWire

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