Zillion Announces the Hiring of Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Cate Collings, M.D., MS, FACC, Dip ABLM

Dr. Collings brings her more than 30 years of experience to the telehealth leader.

NORWALK, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#behavioralhealthZillion announces the hiring of Dr. Cate Collings as their new Chief Medical Officer. With over 30 years experience as a general, invasive, and imaging cardiologist, Dr. Collings is an excellent addition to the team as she brings new depth and perspective to patient care. Dr. Collings is Founding Director of Lifestyle Medicine at El Camino Health in the Silicon Valley San Francisco Bay Area. She serves as current President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

“As Zillion continues to grow our business in the healthcare, pharmacy retail space, and other sectors, the contributions by Dr. Collings have been invaluable. Her validation of the process we have built around the Restore Family of Products, resonates with our buyers. Cate’s experience and alignment with our programs sends a strong signal that Zillion is the way forward when it comes to improving and actively managing chronic health conditions, workforce resiliency, and health events tied to productivity like menopause.” – Zillion President and CEO, Cheryl Morrison Deutsch

Dr. Collings has dual board certifications in Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine. She holds a graduate degree in exercise physiology, as well as professional culinary and coaching certifications. These qualifications make her ideally suited at Zillion to help design the highest quality digital health coaching programs and dietary guidance for the platform’s patients. She received her education from the University of California, University of Wisconsin, and Stanford University Medical Center and is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha National Medical Honor Society.

“I am passionate about scaling lifestyle through digital health while keeping a meaningful human connection with the people served. Zillion’s platform does just that – helping members get reputable lifestyle information, alongside deep and personalized coaching support. From my first introduction to Zillion, I was so impressed with their products, approach, analytics, and their results. I am excited to join Zillion to bring advanced medical and lifestyle expertise to the Zillion team. Together, we can further elevate Zillion’s benefit to individual members and partnering businesses and organizations.” – Zillion CMO Dr. Cate Collings, MD

Dr. Collings is a longtime believer in lifestyle medicine, a key principle of Zillion’s that holds that long-term lifestyle and behavioral changes are the keys to overcoming chronic health conditions. As American College of Lifestyle Medicine president, she is focused on guiding lifestyle medicine into mainstream medicine, scaling programs and practitioners nationwide, and bringing awareness to lifestyle medicine as the primary solution to address chronic disease epidemics through the lens of personalized and population health.

About Zillion:

Zillion is a leading health technology company, offering solutions that blend technology, people, and content to deliver impactful programs targeting the most pervasive chronic health conditions. We do so in two significant ways — Zillion Platform, a content-agnostic platform that enables organizations to deliver their programs through a tailored technology and services solution, allowing them to reach their audience by increasing their digital footprint; and the Restore Product Suite, which includes personalized, actionable support for employees that address health issues before they escalate. We aim to help as many as possible by enabling others to help as many as possible.

To learn more about Zillion, visit us at www.zillion.com.


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