BedRock Systems and U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center to Demonstrate Trusted Computing Base Integration Framework

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BedRock Systems, the leading software company delivering an unbreakable foundation for secured computing from edge to cloud, today announced the collaboration with U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Aviation & Missile Center (AvMC) and DESE Research. Headquartered at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, the U.S. DEVCOM AvMC is the Army’s focal point for providing research, development, and engineering technology and services for aviation and missile platforms across the life cycle. BedRock Systems and DESE Research, Inc. have developed a trusted computing base integration framework (TCBIF) that supports flexible design and secure integration of multiple features, functions and applications into aviation and missile systems.

For aviation and missile systems, bolstering cyber resilience and reducing SWaP-C (size, weight, power and cost) are critical to meeting security, performance and total life cycle cost requirements. TCBIF meets each of these objectives, leveraging secure virtualization and deep semantic cyber forensics provided by the BedRock HyperVisorTM (BHVTM) with Active SecurityTM. Interfacing with core security and virtualization functions now available in modern ARM v8 and x86 CPUs, and through the application of rigorous formal method proofs, BedRock HyperVisor software is designed to provide a Bare Metal PropertyTM that guarantees isolation between multiple guest workloads and prevents unsanctioned escalation of privilege attempted by errant or malicious software. In contrast to the costly and inflexible process of micro miniaturization of electronic components, TCBIF gives system designers the ability to quickly virtualize, isolate and secure multiple guest operating systems, containers and applications as part of a trusted and adaptable system design and components integration process.

“The collaboration with the U.S. Army and DESE Research exemplifies our commitment to hardening and protecting the world’s most critical systems and infrastructure,” said Klaus Oestermann, CEO & President, BedRock Systems. “We’re pleased to see the unique benefits provided by BedRock Systems accelerating the design and delivery of highly secure and resilient aviation and defense systems.”

BedRock Systems continues to build momentum in the cybersecurity space with technology innovations that protect the world’s critical systems from edge to cloud by using a Provably Unbreakable™ and Adaptable Hypervisor platform with Active Security™. The company was also recently recognized with five Global InfoSec Awards, including Cybersecurity Startup of the Year.

This effort is sponsored by the U.S. Government under Other Transaction number W9124P-19-9-0001 between AMTC and the Government. The U.S Government is authorized to reproduce and distribute reprints for Government purposes notwithstanding any copyright notation thereon.

About BedRock Systems

BedRock Systems is the leading software company delivering an unbreakable foundation for secured edge to cloud computing. Designed on the principles of Zero Trust, BedRock Systems integrates Active Security™ into the formally correct virtualization of the compute foundation. BedRock Systems brings safety to humans and machines as well as security to the world’s most critical systems and infrastructure. Industries like Financial Services/DeFi, Government, Defense, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and critical infrastructure sectors, all use BedRock to improve cyber security, reduce cost and unlock new revenue by enabling innovation, even while under attack. BedRock your applications and workloads today, find more information at


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