CoreCare’s Software to Speed Reimbursements and Minimize Write-Offs Now Available for Ohio Nursing Homes

After Helping Hundreds of Facilities Accelerate Reimbursement and Reduce Write-Offs with Eligibility Automation, CoreCare Rolls Out in Ohio

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CoreCare, a venture-backed software company that automates administrative workflows for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), is expanding access to its eligibility automation platform into the Ohio market with one of its first partners, United Church Homes, a leading SNF operator in the state.

With operating costs outpacing reimbursement rates, coupled with growing complexity of reimbursement procedures, eligibility workflows have become a critical failure point for SNFs. Being paid too late — or missing a deadline and not being paid at all — can be disastrous for SNFs.

Securing prompt reimbursement and minimizing write-offs improves cash flow and revenue while simplifying operational complexity, so SNFs can focus on what they do best: providing residents with top-quality care.

CoreCare is the first tech platform that unifies data from electronic health records (EHRs) and state eligibility systems to give SNF employees proactive updates and alerts so they take action at the right time with the right data, such as bill when a facility resident receives Medicaid benefits.

“We’re proud to be one of CoreCare’s first partners in Ohio,” said John Renner, CFO of United Church Homes. “We heard how SNFs were using CoreCare to automate eligibility workflows, and we knew we had to bring that level of innovation into our organization. Our facilities, regional and corporate staff now have a powerful platform that simplifies our operations, improves our cashflow, and increases our revenue.”

“There isn’t another solution like ours available in Ohio today,” said Dennis Antonelos, co-founder and CEO of CoreCare. “We focus specifically on the Nursing Home industry, and with integrations with Ohio Medicaid Information Technology Systems (MITS) and the top EHRs, we are able to on-board new customers in under a week with no disruption to existing workflows or software systems.”

Antonelos concluded, “We are thankful for United Church Homes’ partnership and trust and are excited to help other SNFs across the Buckeye State streamline their billing processes and grow revenue.”

About CoreCare

CoreCare’s eligibility automation software enables skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) to manage the growing complexities of working with Medicare and Medicaid. More than 500 facilities trust CoreCare to automate administrative workflows that directly maximize, accelerate and protect their revenue. CoreCare provides the Skilled Nursing industry with world-class software and support, so that providers can focus on caring for residents. Backed by leading venture capital firms, CoreCare is a Y Combinator company.

To learn more about CoreCare please visit and connect with us on LinkedIn.

About United Church Homes

United Church Homes, Inc., formed in 1916, is a nonprofit corporation that owns and operates 14 health care and residential communities providing over 1,800 units. While each UCH Community has a unique setting and distinct features, all of them share a single mission, to transform aging by building a culture of community, wholeness and peace. Further, UCH owns 52 and manages 9 affordable housing communities in 13 states.


Dennis Antonelos

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