Hearst Corporation Chooses TalkMeup to Bolster Leaders’ Communication Effectiveness

Elite Hearst rising stars saw 30% overall team improvement when using TalkMeUp.

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Organizations of all types and sizes risk billions of dollars in lost sales and organizational productivity due to poor and ineffective communication according to recent studies.

“Poor communication is having a tremendous impact on the workplace… Respondents say communication barriers are leading to a delay or failure to complete projects (44%), low morale (31%), missed performance goals (25%) and even lost sales (18%)—some worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.” [“Communication barriers in the modern workplace,” Economist Intelligence Unit; March 26, 2018.] Further, Grammarly and Harris Poll research estimates that U.S. businesses lost $1.2 trillion in 2021 due to poor communication.

Hearst Chose TalkMeUp To Level-Up High-Potential Leaders’ Communication Skills

Hearst, a leading global, diversified information, services and media company understands the importance of communication in all aspects of their 135-year-old business. With communication at their core, Hearst values the ability to deliver a compelling message to achieve the best outcome.

To foster and invest in that core tenet, Hearst chose TalkMeUp for their high-potential employee development program. Participants have the opportunity to learn about the business and collaborate on projects.

“TalkMeUp was integrated into the emerging leaders program and provided an opportunity for participants to hone in on their individual communication skills,” said Heather Ragone, Vice President, Talent Development and Learning at Hearst.

Results using TalkMeUp showed a 30% communication skill improvement among these elite leaders with some individuals demonstrating as much as a 78% improvement.

Ragone continued, “All of this is interwoven into how they communicate. That’s what makes TalkMeUp so powerful; users can record their message, practice, and get real-time feedback.”

Use of TalkMeUp within Hearst has expanded more than 20 fold over the past year and continues to be adopted in all aspects of the business.

TalkMeUp: The Next Generation Video Practice and Coaching Platform

TalkMeUp is a proven video practice and coaching platform that leverages AI to provide comprehensive analyses of communication style and skill. It enables business professionals to ensure communication effectiveness as they prepare to present to a range of audiences in a variety of situations. Anyone with a cellphone or laptop camera can record themselves 24x7x365, free of judgment and consequence.

The automation made possible by TalkMeUp’s AI saves countless hours that managers, trainers, and coaches would spend reviewing and scoring practice videos and communicating feedback. The AI provides immediate detailed, accurate, and consistent user-specific feedback and eliminates time constraints and potential biases that a human manager, trainer, or coach may introduce into the review, scoring, and coaching process.

“If any company on the planet understands the importance and value of effective communication, it’s Hearst,” said JJ Xu, founder and CEO of TalkMeUp, Inc. “They are using TalkMeUp throughout their business, from executive leadership to sales to the broader workforce. We’re very excited about the measurable results they have achieved, which is driving expanded use of TalkMeUp at Hearst,” said Xu.

The world continues to move in a direction that demands more frequent communication, in person or on camera. Business success depends on how effectively we formulate and deliver the right message in the right manner, aligned with the right audience. TalkMeUp elegantly addresses these business needs as clients realize gains in business KPIs, especially in sales and customer success.

About TalkMeUp

TalkMeUp, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh with business and engineering roots in Carnegie Mellon University, develops and markets solutions that drive business success through effective communication. The company’s AI-powered flagship offering lets users leverage video to practice and receive instant feedback and coaching on fundamental and strategic messaging, ensuring communicators achieve the desired outcome. TalkMeUp’s mission is to empower every person and every organization all over the world to communicate their message effectively. [talkmeup.co]


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