Jonathan Grammer with U.S. Carbon Capture to Speak at Dallas Bar Annual Symposium

AMARILLO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As part of the Dallas Bar Association’s Annual Energy Law Symposium being held August 4th and 5th, Jonathan R. Grammer with U.S. Carbon Capture, will present on the implications of industrial carbon capture for the future of Texas’ oil and gas industry. U.S. Carbon Capture, a project development firm with its corporate offices in Dallas, has been focused intently in the area of on-shore carbon capture and injection, now having several projects in development in across the state.

Momentum behind industrial carbon capture, especially within the fossil fuels industry, continues to accelerate in Texas. The Texas Railroad Commission, which regulates oil and gas in Texas, is in the process of implementing new internal rules relating to the injection and storage of carbon dioxide underground. House Bill 1284, signed by Governor Abbot last summer, grants the Texas Railroad Commission jurisdiction of Class VI injection wells for storage. The commission already retains jurisdiction for Class II injection wells for enhanced oil recovery. Class VI wells are one of several types of underground injection wells currently regulated by the EPA.

A Class VI Injection Well permit is required prior to drilling and operating a Class VI well for carbon capture and sequestration operations. While Texas currently has “primacy” (approval from the EPA for permitting and enforcement authority) over issuing permits for wells in Classes I-V, it does not yet have primacy for wells in Class VI, which means that final authorization still comes from the EPA. At this time, only Wyoming and North Dakota currently have Class VI primacy, though Louisiana is currently in the process of applying for primacy.

U.S. Carbon Capture is a project development company whose services include up-front alternative design scenarios with defensible economic forecasts that aid their clients in selecting their best-fit scenario. Their designs and economic forecasts are created by targeted seasoned professionals in the disciplines of Land and Legal, Finance, Facilities Engineering, Production and Reservoir Engineering, Geology and Geophysics, and Government Contract Procurement.


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