KBRA Releases Research — RMBS Trend Watch: Issuance Slowing; Second Liens on the Way?

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#KBRA–KBRA releases its RMBS Trend Watch, providing an update on key RMBS market and performance themes as of year-to-date (YTD) 2022. In addition, we focus on issuance expectations for RMBS 2.0 in second-half 2022 (2H 2022) and the general potential for issuance growth in the second lien mortgage and home equity line of credit (HELOC) sectors.

Key Takeaways

  • 1H 2022 Issuance Volume: Q1 2022 issuance totaled almost $43 billion, the second highest post-GFC quarter, and was almost 2.5x above Q1 2021. Q2 2022 closed at nearly $28 billion, or $10 billion below our expectations, with prime lower 55% QoQ. Non-prime was down 20% QoQ, while credit risk transfers (CRT) were 14% lower in the same period.
  • 2H 2022 Issuance Expectation: KBRA expects Q3 2022 to close at approximately $20 billion, lower than KBRA projections of $29 billion, across the prime, non-prime, and CRT segments because of rising interest rates and an unfavorable spread environment for issuers. We expect Q4 2022 to close at $21 billion, bringing the full-year (FY) 2022 revised expectation to $112 billion. While the projected 2022 issuance volume is lower than we originally expected due to the abovementioned factors, $112 billion would represent the second highest post-GFC level on record.
  • Spreads: Issuance spreads to date have widened rapidly for all sectors as supply and demand volatility hit all-time highs.
  • The Second Lien Opportunity: At least $185 billion in second lien collateral was securitized pre-GFC across more than 300 private-label securitization (PLS) transactions. Whether this past market serves as a useful guide for the potential second lien market is an open question. However, we believe that second liens remain as a potential opportunity for increased PLS issuance, and as a relatively attractive option for borrowers interested in tapping into their home equity. Newly originated second liens generally compare favorably in credit attributes to those of the pre-GFC era, and the PLS market may see an influx of transactions backed by these loans if the spread environment allows.
  • RMBS 2.0 Credit Performance: YTD 2022 credit performance continued to show steadily improving conditions across all sectors.
  • Surveillance Activity: As of YTD 2022, KBRA conducted surveillance reviews of 88 transactions, resulting in 1,914 affirmations, 205 upgrades, and no downgrades.

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