Lokyata Announces New Platform Enhancements To Modernize Decision Automation For Financial Institutions, Lenders

-Enhances Consumer, Small Dollar and Auto Lending Processes-

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#FintechLokyata, a company focused on delivering products that digitize, automate, and scale lenders’ credit decisions, has released a number of platform enhancements to help lenders further automate loan decisioning to save time, minimize manual work, standardize processes, and improve underwriting performance. The company sees particular opportunities to improve high-volume, small-loan departments, for consumer and auto loans.

Lokyata’s self-service, no-code platform increases operational efficiencies through intelligent decision automation flows and “if/then” scenarios, which work in alignment with financial institutions’ own rules-based lending criteria. When implemented, Lokyata’s platform helps credit unions, banks and auto lenders access a larger lending pool of consumers, while also decreasing risk.

Key enhancements to the Lokyata platform include:

Powerful Decision Automation Flows

Through an intuitive, “drag and drop” user interface, lenders can create new flows, leverage alternative data sources, better calculate variables, apply institution-specific business rules, scorecards, and models.

Ability To Integrate With Any Data

API and/or DB-accessible data sources can be configured to feed the decision flow via data connectors, which then integrate with lenders’ existing loan origination systems (LOS) and loan management systems (LMS) to post decisions to them.

Calculated Variables

Lenders can easily develop and test custom variable calculations within a no-code environment.

Easily Create or Edit Business Rules Within The Decision Flow

The Lokyata platform’s Rule Builder tool enables lenders to create and edit business rules and construct a rule set to guide automated decisioning to deny, approve or review loan applications.

Weighted Scorecards

Through the platform’s Scorecard Builder tool, lenders can better evaluate multiple data points, prioritize data and then calculate variables to reach a decision.

Machine Learning and AI Capabilities

Lokyata’s platform leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create actionable intelligence to support lenders’ decisioning flows. Our proprietary model transparency shows how the decisions were made. In addition to Lokyata models, the platform can also call external models, allowing clients to leverage their current underwriting models and technology stack.

“At Lokyata, we are always innovating to ensure that our solutions meet the business needs of credit unions, banks and lenders at the speed at which the market changes,” said Steve Bireley, Chief Technology Officer, Lokyata. “With these new enhancements to the Lokyata Platform, we are helping financial institutions realize significant gains in operational efficiency as well as improve the quality of their decisioning workflows, both of which position them to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

About Lokyata

Lokyata’s global headquarters is in Washington DC with offices in Europe, India, and Latin America to serve its world-wide customer base of banks, non-banking finance companies, credit bureaus, and fintech lenders. Lokyata’s deep lending and credit risk experience, combined with a robust data science practice, pragmatic approach to data strategy, and scalable AI-driven platform deliver measurable results in increased loan approval rates, lower default rates, and improved financial margins. For more information visit www.lokyata.ai or email jd@lokyata.com.


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