Paçoca: The Foremost DeFi Portfolio Manager Hub

São Paulo, Brazil–(Newsfile Corp. – July 24, 2022) – Paçoca is a sweet portfolio tracker in which users can track their DeFi assets, invest in smart vaults with compounding yields, and use the decentralized exchange aggregator to trade tokens.

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Paçoca: The Foremost DeFi Portfolio Manager Hub

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Users may view all of their DeFi assets from various chains on an unified page with the help of Paçoca, a strong portfolio manager that is free to use and practical for all DeFi users. The platform serves as a one-stop DeFi hub that is a multichain portfolio manager, an automated yield farming system, and a DEX aggregator in an effort to close the barrier among the variety of services provided by DeFi platforms and their lack of availability in one place.

In order to enhance the DeFi user experience, Paçoca seeks to offer a comprehensive and consolidated display of the assets invested in various DeFi projects in EVM-based blockchains like BNB Chain, Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche and/or Ethereum. The platform has a strong emphasis on simplicity and is perfect for anyone looking for a refined, yet powerful DeFi hub with a real-time portfolio tracker throughout numerous chains.

The Paçoca Dashboard

Users may check all of their DeFi staking, borrowing, lending, rewards to harvest, tokens, NFT, and asset allocation on a single Dashboard page. The Dashboard also provides further information on LP farming and can display token quantities and values.

Additionally, Pacoca offers a “Convert your balances into PACOCA” option that enables users to combine tokens with low balances into a single transaction and exchange them for $PACOCA.

Users do not need to have access to wallet apps to monitor their DeFi portfolio in real-time using the Pacoca app; they may do so right on their phone’s screen.

Click here to see how to add Paçoca to the home screen.

Automated Yield Optimizer and DEX Aggregator

Users can invest in Paçoca to generate passive income in addition to seeing their portfolio. The BNB Chain currently supports this feature. Here, Pacoca has its own vaults, such Auto PACOCA, PACOCA-BNB, and PACOCA-BUSD, that offer significant annual percentage yields (APY) to $PACOCA holders.

Sweet Vaults are the latest innovation from the Pacoca Team. The Sweet Vaults work as follows:

  1. The smart contract receives the original deposit from the user and deposits it to the third-party platform Masterchef (e.g., PancakeSwap);
  1. The generated rewards from your initial deposit are automatically claimed and converted to $PACOCA;
  1. The $PACOCA rewards are deposited on the Auto PACOCA pool, giving the user a higher APY while protecting their principal.

Inspex and Certix with Skynet audit Paçoca, and the smart contracts are observed continuously in a 24-hour period.

The Future

Paçoca wants to establish itself as the leading one-stop destination for DeFi services. On March 13, the platform celebrated its first birthday by releasing its inaugural NFT birthday collection and the first and second quarters of its 2022 roadmap. More features, including the ZAP function, DAO, Portfolio surprise feature, PFP NFT collection, Cross-chain Tokens, and Sweet vaults, among others, will be implemented in the future.

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