Persado Unveils New Insights That Allows Brands to Understand Exactly Which Stories Individual Customers Respond To

Personal Narratives enable deeper consumer understanding, customer retention

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Persado, the Motivation AI platform that generates the language to inspire every individual to engage and act, today announced the release of Personal Narratives, the ability to deliver stories and images that work best for a specific segment of customers. Combined with data on the most effective emotions, Personal Narratives is a cornerstone of Persado’s personalized messaging capability. It not only enables Persado’s AI to generate higher-quality content, but also provides a new level of insight – distinct from emotions and formatting – that can help Persado users motivate the customers they most want to engage. And engaged customers generate more business.

“Simple brand stories can create powerful and lasting connections with customers, and with this new feature enhancement, Persado’s AI can generate rich and authentic personalized language and tell brands what individually motivates their consumers in a way that no other human or technology platform can,” said Assaf Baciu, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Persado.

Leveraging data and delivering personalized content is a critical component of brand success in the current marketing environment. Today’s consumers are empowered and expect that the brands they choose to interact with will take the time to understand their preferences. In fact, recent data shows that 66% of consumers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, and 52% expect all offers to be personalized.

Personal Narratives uses Persado’s Motivation AI platform to generate stories that engage customers and can be applied to campaigns or calendar moments. Using Personal Narratives, which includes 35 unique narrative types such as “authentic experience” and “peace of mind,” brands can more deeply personalize language across audiences for the same product, delivering content that fuels engagement, brand loyalty, and retention.

As an example, a luxury fashion brand utilizing Personal Narratives to develop personalized content for its customers has increased its engagement rate by almost 20% and yielded over $130 million in incremental revenue to date.

“This enhancement is particularly beneficial because it allows us to further optimize the first-party data we deliver to our customers. While many language-generating AI tools stop at copy generation, Persado stands out by offering robust insights into the types of language that resonate with anonymized individual consumers and the impact it has on performance,” said Baciu. “We are giving brands a personalization pot of gold and allowing them to stay more relevant and drive profits”

Personal Narratives are additive to the value Persado holistically earns its customers—driving a 41% increase in customer engagement and loyalty through further personalized content. The Persado team and its AI technology are able to leverage insights from brand campaigns and apply them to language across channels, enabling Persado to guarantee customers returns on their investments at scale.

This announcement follows Persado’s recent release of unique personalized language and content capabilities, debuting an entirely new type of first-party data and the ability to generate content specifically targeted to an individual consumer. To learn more about how narratives drive engagements, visit

What is Motivation AI?

Motivation AI refers to the capability of a machine to identify, leverage and make use of factors to emotionally engage individuals and activate behavior. You can learn more about Motivation AI here.

About Persado

Persado is the only Motivation AI platform that enables personalized communications at scale to inspire each individual to engage and act. The world’s biggest brands including J.P Morgan Chase, Ally Bank, Marks and Spencer, Dropbox, and Verizon rely on Persado to generate hyper-personalized communications. Organizations that use Persado reach a tipping point in their ability to understand the customer, generating powerful, on-brand content and communications, and drive tectonic value with the world’s most powerful machine learning optimization and personalization capabilities. Visit to learn more.


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