Proceed Group continues to see growth as data management tool Rightsizer new edition launches

Software tool helps businesses maintain efficiency in data growth

London, 27 July 2022: Proceed Group, specialists in SAP data and document management, have seen exceptional demand for Proceed’s latest data and document manager tools in the last 12 months, with its Proceed Cella and Rightsizer tools being implemented across the globe in a bid to manage exploding data centres. Rightsizer’s latest edition will see businesses access a variety of tools that allow for the automation of their data management volumes.

Proceed Group has grown new customer acquisition significantly over the last 12 months, with the business seeing customer growth by 40% year on year over the last five years. This rapid growth reflects the ongoing success of its latest Rightsizer tool that allows for streamlining data in preparation for migration to SAP HANA. Proceed Rightsizer helps businesses get their data to the “best fit” for a move, resulting in huge cost savings and faster migration.

The latest version of Rightsizer will:

  • Provide an overview of an SAP system and data can be broken down by modules, age of data, company code, sales organisation, purchasing group and many more combinations
  • It provides answers to scenarios that include “What can be deleted?”, “What archive objects to use?”, “What is the min. size I can get my database to?” and more. An actionable plan can be created based on the answers.
  • Proceed Rightsizer allows for a growth forecast to indicate future data volumes, based on historic trends. It also includes the SAP HANA® sizer to determine what your SAP HANA® system requirements will be.
  • Provides an 80% reduction in time spent on analysis via automation, vs manual

Nick Parkin, CEO at Proceed Group said, “Our two latest products, Proceed Cella and Rightsizer have been instrumental in our growth as managing sprawling data, and preparing for HANA migration have become top of the IT departments list of priorities. This latest version of Rightsizer brings the ability to automate the process of preparing data prior to migration, and maintaining.”

With a 20-year history in the industry, Proceed Group is expert in managing the decommissioning of legacy systems and reducing the costs associated with data storage, as well as being specialists in SAP’s ILM. To date the company has run hundreds of successful decommissioning projects for its clients for both SAP and non-SAP applications.

About Proceed Group
SAP and data management specialist, Proceed Group is a UK headquartered business that has to date helped 650 customers across the globe to improve business and IT performance, reduce costs, increase ROI and assist with data compliance and regulations management. Its Rightsizer service and software tool for SAP automates data archiving processes, allowing businesses to gain business agility, relieve strain on internal resources and increase efficiencies in deployment and maintenance.

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