Relive Your Memories in The Metaverse

Colorado, USA, Jul 22, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – By now I’m sure everyone has heard of the fantasy of time travel but what if I could tell you that we can make that fantasy a reality in Virtual Reality that is?

Introducing Reflect

An invention created by Milan Cheeks, Alan Charity, and SELF Labs Inc, Reflect Is a Simulation game based on the principles of memory. You can relive your memories in the Metaverse by minting it as an NFT. By owning a Reflect Mint Pass you can get your memory created into an interactive world populated with AI Reflection Avatars to interact with and high-resolution gameplay powered by Unity & Unreal Engine 5.

How Does It Work?

There are 4 tiers of Mint Passes available that allow you to mint memories in different eras which are, Common, Rare, Ultra-Rare, and the Legendary tier. The Common Tier allows you to mint a memory up to 10 years in the past. This could be a recent memory you had up to 2010. The Rare Tier allows you to mint a memory up to 20 years in the past. Which can be a memory from now to 2000. The Ultra-Rare Tier allows you to mint up to 30 years in the past, which can be a memory up to 1990. Finally, we have the Legendary Tier which allows you to mint a memory in any era.

Each memory can be minted by following our three-step process. First step, choose which Tier Pass you would like to mint. Step two, upload a picture of your memory and a detailed description of what happened in your photo. Step Three, after you mint your NFT stake it and have your world created by Mirror Image Studios a SELF Labs Organization.

How is the Gameplay?

Each memory will be fully immersive with high end graphics to depict your memory in a real-world setting. AI Reflection Avatars will enhance the experience by allowing you to interact with each person in your memory. Each Avatar has the ability to speak in the voices of people in your memory and you can choose to continue to live and have others join the simulation with these avatars as Smart NPCs (Non-Playing Characters). For example, you mint a memory of your 10-year-old birthday party, you can relive this memory and create everyone that was in attendance as avatars. You will be to talk and fully interact with these avatars, but you can continue to live with these avatars and have your decisions depict what happens next. By continuing the memory, the avatars will adapt, and each memory will become a civilization of these “Living” Smart NPCs. Sound like a Black Mirror Episode yet? If not, just wait until the next part.

A life With No Regrets

Have you ever thought about a memory and thought about how you could have done something differently? Well with the Reflect Game you no longer need to contemplate other outcomes. We added a function in the game called Quantum Jumping which allows you to go back into a memory and make a different decision than what you’ve made in the past. For example, using the same 10-year-old birthday example, you can choose not to go to the party and see what would have happened if you didn’t go. Did we blow your mind yet?

Show Off Your Memory Or Trade It

Once you receive your mint pass you can sell it or buy others on the open market like Opensea at any time. You can sell it before your world is created or even after the simulation begins. The Reflect Game will be an open world concept like Decentraland or Sandbox but instead of plots, there will be a conjunction of different memories. This allows anyone to join your memory and relive the past with you.

Historic Memories

Historic memories are a big part of the Reflect Game and exclusive to Legendary Tier Mint Pass holders. Each holder will have the ability to collaborate with institutions like Museums to recreate an historical memory like Martin Luther Kings “I Have A Dream” speech or even further to living with George Washington.

How can you get started?

Reflect is an exclusive game on the Mirror Image One Console. You can get the Reflect Game by minting a Mint Pass NFT on the official website.

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