Study Reveals New Covetrus Technology Saves Time, Provides Relief to Overworked, Understaffed Veterinary Practices

Veterinary survey respondents in North America report that Covetrus Pulseis simple to use and saves time amid worker shortages and burnout.

PORTLAND, Maine–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Covetrus Pulse™ saves time and is easy to implement, finds a new customer survey by Covetrus® (NASDAQ: CVET), a global leader in animal-health technology and services.

Among survey respondents reporting time savings, Pulse saved an average of 3 hours per work week. Practice managers who reported gains said Pulse saved them an average of 45 minutes daily. The cumulative effect of this time saved results in a more efficient and profitable practice.

Covetrus surveyed 2,500 practices in North America that have used Pulse since January 2022 to learn about their experiences with the new technology.

Pulse is an innovative cloud-based veterinary operating system (vOS) that seamlessly connects veterinarians to the technology they need to optimize their operations amid workforce challenges and a drumbeat of demand.

Nearly two-thirds of customers surveyed reported that Pulse is easy to implement, use and train staff on, according to study results. Findings remained strong across various job roles. Seven in 10 front-of-office respondents agreed that Pulse was easy to use and easy to train team members to use.

We are thrilled to see our customers reap time and efficiency gains with Pulse,which we engineered to be a game-changer for veterinary practices,” said Benjamin Wolin, President and CEO of Covetrus. “While similar technology exists in the human health space, it is our distinct honor to be the first to deliver such a comprehensive and much-needed solution to veterinarians in North America. We look forward to seeing Covetrus Pulse continue to help veterinarians optimize their operations, making it easier for them and their staff to keep up with the ever-growing demand for their services.”

Pulse was designed to address a clear need among today’s veterinary teams for time savings. When asked, 94% of veterinarians surveyed by Covetrus in April 2021 said they struggle to find enough time to get things done. But with Covetrus Pulse, a practice can increase efficiency up to 10 percent1 and give veterinarians the ability to see more patients and stay on schedule, which can lead to improved work-life balance.

Covetrus Pulse combines everything I need in one place, saving around 30 minutes per day,” said Dr. Stacy Enke, DVM and practice owner, Martinez Animal Hospital in Martinez, Calif. “The time savings really adds up, allowing us to see more patients but also to stay on schedule, which is critical to delivering a good customer experience. With the high demand for our services and hectic days for our team, we are thrilled to have this new technology that is so easy to use and that is helping us to manage our workloads and deliver great care to our patients both during their visit and when they get home.”

A first-of-its-kind program, Pulse drives efficiencies by consolidating the applications practices rely on for day-to-day operations into an all-in-one integrated system. With its user-friendly design and cloud-based accessibility, Covetrus Pulse arrives just in time to meet the urgent needs of a veterinary community that is stretched to capacity.

Pulse not only saves valuable time in a practice’s busy day, but it’s also incredibly easy for all team members to use — from check-in at the front desk to the exam room and beyond,” said Georgia Wraight, Executive Vice President and President of Global Technology Solutions at Covetrus. “As Covetrus Pulse transitions to the marketplace, we expect to see its demonstrated ability to save time and gain efficiencies will directly address rising burnout and help veterinary teams do more of what they love, which is to provide the best possible care for their patients.”

Covetrus Pulse is now available to veterinary practices across North America. For more information, please visit

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1 Figure based on data from CM Research Limited


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