The Summon Platform, an Advanced New DAO Creation and Management Solution Announced

Easy, intuitive toolkit for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations suits the needs of businesses, technology teams and communities of all types and sizes

ZUG, Switzerland, July 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Summon Platform, a crucial new contribution to blockchain technology and the efficient governance of blockchain-based projects and communities known as ‘DAOs’ was announced today by Summon Association.

“The Summon Platform is a comprehensive solution for DAO creation and management. Summon empowers high-functioning DAOs to flourish with never-before seen ease of establishment and management,” said Adam Rusch, president of the not-for-profit Summon Association.

While The Summon Platform will launch on the Cardano blockchain, the platform is being engineered to operate as a first-class service on multiple blockchains. “DAO means ‘decentralized autonomous organization’,” said Thomas DiMatteo, co-founder and operational lead of The Summon Platform technology developer Summon Labs, “and Summon enables truly decentralized, truly autonomous and powerfully simple organizations for tech, business, finance and not-for-profit communities.”

“The Summon Platform fills a gaping void,” said Matthew Bowen, co-founder and general counsel of Summon Labs. “In practice, DAOs are currently accessible only by technology teams, such as software development and DeFi projects. DAOs are difficult for the general business and finance community to establish, to say nothing of community-based organizations. With The Summon Platform, organizations of all kinds finally have a rich and flexible toolkit to explore and implement their own full or limited DAO structures, leveraging the integrity of the blockchain.”

Riley Kilgore, Summon Labs’ co-founder and technology lead, said, “Upon its release, The Summon Platform will allow individuals of any technical level to summon their own transparent, on-chain DAOs, and invite others to join by exclusive invitation or permissionless enrollment. By utilizing Cardano’s Plutus-Core, and a strong understanding of off-chain programming code, The Summon Platform allows for decentralized coordination and governance. Additionally, the Summon team brings to the table several valuable enhancements to typical DAO setups, empowering users without experience writing smart contracts to create DAOs of any shape or size.”

The Summon Platform will launch in Q4, 2022.

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