Using Predictive Analytics For Better Hybrid IT Decision Making

MANILA, Jul 25, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – In today’s digital world, the emergence of predictive analytics tools provides an unparalleled opportunity to proactively anticipate and reduce risks. It contributes in presenting a clear picture of how system alterations influence IT operations, security, and compliance as the volume of IT processes grows in complexity. It is critical to use technology in new and more efficient ways, whether in cloud or traditional systems according to Mr. Rey Lugtu of Hungry Workhorse. He added that predictive analytics provide the power to tackle problems before they have a negative impact on the business. Initially, implementing predictive analytics necessitates specialised skill sets, as well as costly instrument replacement and updates. Predictive analytics provides great scalability, cutting costs significantly through interruption avoidance with fewer operation people, and a substantial ROI in the long term.

Operations analytics entails continuously monitoring IT systems to gather, analyse, and interpret data from various IT operational sources. Mr. Lugtu recommends centralising data sources to be a single virtual or logical source, even if they are technically large or proper databases; moving to databases that support predictive analytics while keeping the correct requirements in mind in future plans; and embedding predictive analytics in applications to help in building novel applications and significantly improving existing applications.

Mr. Rey Lugtu will facilitate an EDXchange session at the DX Leaders Strategy Forum Philippines on August 24-25, 2022. To join his roundtable, invitations are requested at Request Invitation – DX – Philippines 2022 ( (

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