Carbon Sequestration a Priority as Black & Veatch Begins Pre-FEED Effort for KeyState Natural Gas Synthesis Project

KeyState’s integrated project in Pennsylvania emphasizes low-carbon approaches

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Black & Veatch, a global leader in decarbonization solutions, announces it has begun pre-FEED (front end engineering and design) activities associated with the KeyState Natural Gas Synthesis plant in north-central Pennsylvania. The project is expected to produce hydrogen, automotive grade urea (DEF) and ammonia while capturing and permanently storing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with the hydrogen production.

The project is one of Pennsylvania’s first developments for the production of low-carbon hydrogen and other products that employs carbon capture and storage (CCS). Using the latest CCS technology, carbon will be removed during the process and sequestered in large measure permanently underground.

“The KeyState project aligns with the job creation and economic impact objectives contained in the Inflation Reduction Act, which support Appalachian communities that can benefit from the energy transition,” said project developer Perry Babb, KeyState’s CEO. “Emissions reduction and great job creation can happen together and make a tremendous difference in many areas.”

Black & Veatch’s decades of experience in ammonia and nitrogen-based fertilizer production, and extensive experience with liquified hydrogen, CCS and power generation are uniquely aligned to the plant’s key success factors.

“As decarbonization efforts accelerate around the globe, this facility represents an important investment in a lower-carbon future and demonstrates that it is possible to produce greener fertilizers and fuels while sequestering greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change,” said Laszlo von Lazar, president of energy and process industries at Black & Veatch.

Editor’s Notes:

  • Black & Veatch is a member of the Ammonia Energy Association, an influential advocate of responsible ammonia use in a sustainable energy economy

About Black & Veatch

Black & Veatch is a 100-percent employee-owned global engineering, procurement, consulting and construction company with a more than 100-year track record of innovation in sustainable infrastructure. Since 1915, we have helped our clients improve the lives of people around the world by addressing the resilience and reliability of our most important infrastructure assets. Our revenues in 2021 exceeded US$3.3 billion. Follow us on and on social media.

About KeyState Natural Gas Synthesis

KeyState Natural Gas Synthesis (“KSNGS”) is a joint endeavor between KeyState Energy (Project Developer) and Frontier Natural Resources Inc. (Natural Gas & Geological Storage) in partnership with OGCI Climate Investments. KSNGS will produce low- carbon hydrogen, automotive grade urea (DEF) and ammonia from natural gas while integrating carbon capture and storage in a closed carbon loop in its 7,000-acre site in northern Pennsylvania. KSNGS will create hundreds of construction and long-term, high-value jobs, hundreds of millions of dollars of annual local economic activity and release a new industry for rural Appalachia. (


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