Enlivex Announces Regulatory Clearance in Multiple Countries for Integration of Frozen Allocetra Formulation and Expansion of Patient Population in its Sepsis Phase II Clinical Trial

  • Sepsis Phase II protocol amendments have been cleared by regulatory authorities in Israel, Spain, and Greece. In addition to these clearances, Enlivex plans to obtain clearances for these protocol amendments in additional jurisdictions
  • Development of frozen Allocetra™ formulation, a primary cornerstone of Enlivex’s R&D efforts during the last two years, was successfully completed in Q1 2022, twelve months ahead of schedule, following which Enlivex filed the Sepsis Phase II protocol amendment
  • The shelf life of frozen Allocetra™ formulation is expected to be vastly superior to that of its liquid formulation, leading to anticipated improvements in manufacturing scalability and shipping logistics, which is expected to lower production costs and increase profitability upon potential commercialization
  • In addition to utilization of the frozen Allocetra™ formulation, the protocol amendments allow expansion of the study population, which was originally limited to patients with pneumonia-associated sepsis, to include patients whose septic condition stems from biliary, urinary tract, or abdominal infections.

Nes-Ziona, Israel, Aug. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd. (Nasdaq: ENLV, the “Company”), a clinical-stage macrophage reprogramming immunotherapy company, today announced that regulatory authorities in Israel, Spain, and Greece have cleared amendments to the protocol of the Company’s Phase II trial evaluating Allocetra™ in patients with sepsis. The amendments enable the treatment of newly recruited patients with a frozen Allocetra™ formulation and allow expansion of the study population, which was originally limited to patients with pneumonia-associated sepsis, to include patients whose septic condition stems from biliary, urinary tract, or abdominal infections. Enlivex also intends to submit the same protocol amendments to regulators in additional jurisdictions.  

Enlivex expects that broad acceptance of the proposed amendments will shorten the timeline for potential regulatory approval of frozen Allocetra™ formulation in sepsis and its associated commercial launch. In addition, the frozen formulation of Allocetra™ is expected to have a shelf-life spanning multiple years, versus a shelf life of 96 hours for the previously used liquid formulation. This is expected to dramatically improve manufacturing scalability and shipping logistics while reducing production costs.

“The clearance of these protocol amendments in key geographies is a significant milestone for Enlivex. We are better positioned to build on our positive Phase Ib results and accelerate the advancement of our sepsis program,” said Oren Hershkovitz, Ph.D., CEO of Enlivex. “Our sepsis clinical program seeks to address a large and pressing unmet medical need, as there are currently no FDA-approved treatments for the millions of patients diagnosed with sepsis each year. We are grateful to regulators in Israel, Spain, and Greece for their work to approve the amendments.”

Each year, more than 1.7 million adults in the United States develop sepsis, with more than 270,000 dying of the disease. Enlivex’s sepsis program is supported by previously reported positive results from a Phase Ib trial that demonstrated Allocetra’s™ favorable safety profile and showed vastly improved clinical outcomes, including SOFA (sequential organ failure assessment) scores, duration of hospitalization, and mortality, in Allocetra™-treated sepsis patients compared to a group of matched historical controls who received standard-of-care therapy.     


Enlivex’s Phase II sepsis trial is a placebo-controlled, randomized, dose-finding, multi-center study that is currently enrolling patients across four cohorts. Patients enrolled in the study receive varying doses of Allocetra™ or placebo, all in addition to standard-of-care therapy. The trial’s two primary endpoints are safety (number and severity of adverse events and severe adverse events) and efficacy (change from baseline in SOFA score), which will be assessed throughout a 28-day follow-up period. Additionally, the trial’s secondary endpoint is 28-day all-cause mortality among other important secondary endpoints.


Allocetra™ is being developed as a universal, off-the-shelf cell therapy designed to reprogram macrophages into their homeostatic state. Diseases such as solid cancers, sepsis, and many others reprogram macrophages out of their homeostatic state. These non-homeostatic macrophages contribute significantly to the severity of the respective diseases. By restoring macrophage homeostasis, Allocetra™ has the potential to provide a novel immunotherapeutic mechanism of action for life-threatening clinical indications that are defined as “unmet medical needs”, as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with leading therapeutic agents.


Enlivex is a clinical stage macrophage reprogramming immunotherapy company developing Allocetra™, a universal, off-the-shelf cell therapy designed to reprogram macrophages into their homeostatic state. Resetting non-homeostatic macrophages into their homeostatic state is critical for immune system rebalancing and resolution of life-threatening conditions. For more information, visit http://www.enlivex.com.

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Shachar Shlosberger, CFO
Enlivex Therapeutics, Ltd.

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