GR Yaris Joins KINTO FACTORY Lineup

TOKYO, Aug 24, 2022 – (JCN Newswire) – Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and KINTO Co., Ltd. (KINTO) announced today that, joining the KINTO-exclusive GR Yaris “Morizo Selection”, the GR Yaris purchased through Toyota dealers has been added to the KINTO FACTORY service lineup, which enables customers to evolve their vehicles.

Upgrade-enabled boosted torque
Service System

– Upgrading and personalization services available for the KINTO-exclusive GR Yaris “Morizo Selection”(1) can now be enjoyed by owners of the GR Yaris(2) purchased through Toyota dealers.
– Maximum engine torque in the 3,200-4,000 rpm range can be boosted to 390 N・m, providing strain-free and relaxed acceleration based on technologies honed through racing in rallies, which puts high demands on acceleration, deceleration, and flexibility.
– Personalization allows the optimal setting of software that controls accelerator response, 4WD driving force distribution, and steering assist in line with customer preference. To make personalization even easier to enjoy, not only can software be optimally set to suit customers’ personalities and preferences based on customer driving data, but optimization is also now available through consultations with GR Garage specialists.

Based on the hitherto offering of upgrades and personalization for the GR Yaris “Morizo Selection”, also newly available from today through KINTO FACTORY for both the GR Yaris “Morizo Selection” and the GR Yaris is the torque-boosting “GR YARIS PERFORMANCE SOFTWARE 2.0” upgrade service, which increases maximum engine torque to 390 N・m. Customers who purchase this service can also enjoy personalized software settings for optimally tailored performance. In addition to the existing method of providing personalization based on analysis of customer driving data, KINTO FACTORY customers can now receive personalization through consultation at GR Garage locations nationwide, making it easier for customers to benefit from a tailored driving experience.

For more information about these services, please visit the “GR Car Lineup” page of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing website (in Japanese).

For information on purchasing the services and for procedural details, please visit the dedicated “KINTO FACTORY” page of the KINTO website (in Japanese).

Toyota and KINTO aim to make the cars they deliver to their customers become even more beloved by staying closely in tune with customer needs and evolving customers’ cars after delivery. The two companies will advance this effort through the new actions announced today, which will allow them to promptly provide customers with the knowledge and technology that Toyota has gained through its participation in motorsports.

(1) Full name: GR Yaris Special Edition RZ “High Performance Morizo Selection”
(2) GR Yaris RZ, GR Yaris RZ “High Performance”, and GR Yaris RC only; not available for the GR Yaris RS

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