InfluxData Brings Native Data Collection to InfluxDB

InfluxDB Native Collectors expedite device to cloud data transfers for faster insights beginning with MQTT

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–InfluxData, creator of the leading time series platform InfluxDB, today announced new serverless capabilities to expedite time series data collection, processing, and storage in InfluxDB Cloud. InfluxDB Native Collectors enable developers building with InfluxDB Cloud to subscribe to, process, transform, and store real-time data from messaging and other public and private brokers and queues with a click of a button. Currently available for MQTT, Native Collectors introduce the fastest way to get data from third-party brokers into InfluxDB Cloud without the need for additional software or new code.

Time series data comes from many different sources and widely distributed assets and applications. To make sense of all this data, developers need to consolidate time series data in a central location. However, the pipelines from data sources to the database are complex and require resource-intensive customizations, creating additional challenges for developers. Other systems require an intermediary layer to transfer and transform data from external systems to the cloud. InfluxDB Native Collectors expedites this process by removing that intermediary layer, allowing cloud data sources to connect directly to InfluxDB Cloud so developers can collect, transform, and store time series data in cloud environments directly and without writing new code.

“Data is born in the cloud at an exponential rate, but existing data pipeline tools that integrate multi-vendor cloud services are expensive, complex, and a burden for developers to manage,” said Rick Spencer, Vice President of Products, InfluxData. “With Native Collectors, we’re expediting device to cloud data transfers so developers can focus on building and scaling applications with their time series data. These updates enable InfluxDB Cloud to become a serverless consumer of data through easily configured topic subscriptions, greatly simplifying time series data pipelines and applications alike.”

According to Gartner®, “Organizations want to make decisions faster and with more confidence. Data and analytics (D&A) leaders are under pressure to support these decisions with high-quality data governed across a range of users, use cases, architectures and deployment options. Data management teams are often too busy responding to requests (execution focused) to ensure data availability. This leaves them little time to focus on enablement and innovation. Many D&A leaders expect cloud migration/modernization to solve the above challenges and bring additional cost and time savings.”

Expedite Time Series Cloud Ingestion with InfluxDB Native Collectors

InfluxData’s Native Collectors gives teams a faster way to ingest time series data in the cloud in one step and without customization, orchestration, or additional hosting services. After setting up service-to-service integrations between third-party brokers and InfluxDB Cloud with a few simple steps, users can:

  • Ingest data with simple low code setup: Ingest data into InfluxDB Cloud with a click of a button and without writing any code for immediate processing.
  • Contextualize data across distributed architectures: Plug Native Collectors into device-to-cloud data streams to enhance application operations, performance, and security.
  • Reduce complexity through platform consolidation: Consume data directly into InfluxDB Cloud through standard subscriptions with no additional agents or coding. Removes the need to run InfluxDB-specific processing in third-party platforms or code.
  • Deliver real-time data ingestion: Faster data onboarding and ingestion with unprecedented simplicity, speed, and scale, directly from the InfluxDB Cloud user interface.
  • Out-of-the-box data filtering and processing: Enrich, format, and process data before it’s ingested into InfluxDB Cloud for analysis. Reduce storage costs through automatic data filtering.

“We are seeing new and fast-growing workloads within our cloud-native MQTT service, but most developers have difficulty in efficiently offloading this data into a time series database,” said Ian Skerrett, Vice President of Marketing, HiveMQ. “InfluxData’s Native Collectors eliminate this challenge, move the database integration workloads back to the database, and turn InfluxDB Cloud into a simple MQTT client – a model that IoT and application developers understand and use regularly.”

Native MQTT is available immediately for InfluxDB Cloud users. Additional Native Collectors for Apache Kafka and AMQP are planned for late 2022, with new collectors to be rolled out in the future. For more information on how to get started, visit the InfluxData website.

* Gartner, “Strategic Roadmap for Migrating Data Management to the Cloud,” Robert Thanaraj, Adam Ronthal, Donald Feinberg, 21 March 2022. GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

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