Keller Williams Reports Q2 ’22 Results

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#agentcountKeller Williams (KW), the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count, reports Q2 ’22 results, having achieved significant growth and topped franchise and corporate culture rankings.

“Our agents are thriving in highly dynamic housing market conditions,” said Sajag Patel, chief operating officer, KW. “We are pleased with our performance and saw record-breaking sales volume in Q2.”

“Looking ahead, we see the market balancing from the effects of unprecedentedly low mortgage rates and inventory constraints,” said Patel. “Yet, no matter the market, we will continue to deliver our industry’s best training, coaching and technology that allow our agents’ businesses to thrive.”

United States and Canada (production in Q2 ’22)

  • Agents closed $146.8 billion in sales volume, up 1.0% from Q2 last year.
  • Agents closed 328.1 thousand transactions in Q2 ’22, down 10.7% over Q2 ’21.
  • Agents took 205.9 thousand new listings (new market inventory), down 3.9% over Q2 ’21.
  • Agents wrote 355.7 thousand contracts (projected closings), down 12.2% over Q2 ’21.
  • Contracts written volume was $158.6 billion, down 1.5% over Q2 ’21.

“In Q2 ’22, we surpassed 176,000 agents across the U.S. and Canada – a historic feat,” said Marc King, president, KW. “And, we continue to attract agents at such a clip because we maintain a strong culture and community that offers limitless growth for real estate entrepreneurs.”

Keller Williams is home to 176,438 agents in the United States and Canada and 16,304 agents operating outside of the United States and Canada, for a total of 192,742 agents worldwide, as of June 30, 2022.

In Q2 ’22 alone, KW added 3,098 net agents across the U.S. and worldwide regions.

Keller Williams Worldwide (KWW) Momentum (production outside U.S. and Canada in Q2 ’22)

  • As of June 30, agent count outside the U.S. and Canada was 16,304, up 21.8% from Q2 ’21.
  • Agents closed 19.9 thousand transactions in Q2 ’22, up 31.6% over Q2 ’21.
  • Agents closed $3.9 billion in sales volume, up 39.3% from Q2 ’21.
  • Agents took 29.1 thousand new listings (new market inventory), up 3.1% over Q2 ’21.
  • Agents wrote 23.1 thousand contracts (projected closings), up 33.6% over Q2 ’21.
  • Contracts written volume was $3.4 billion, up 33.4% over Q2 ’21.

“We’re marking another successive quarter of aggressive international growth,” said William E. Soteroff, president, KWW, the international division of KW. “With more than 16,000 agents outside of the U.S. and Canada, we again experienced double-digit percentage gains across most productivity metrics.”

Outside of the U.S. and Canada, KWW’s regions include: Albania; Argentina; Aruba; Belgium; Belize; Bermuda; Bolivia; Bonaire; Cambodia; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Dominican Republic; Dubai, UAE; France; Greece; Guyana; Honduras; Indonesia; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Jamaica; Japan; Luxembourg; Malaysia; Mexico; Monaco; Mongolia; Nicaragua; Northern Cyprus; Panama; Paraguay; Peru; Philippines; Poland; Portugal; Puerto Rico; Romania; São Paulo, Brazil; Saudi Arabia; Serbia; Sint Maarten; Slovenia; Southern Africa; Spain; Suriname; Thailand; Turkey; Turks and Caicos; United Kingdom; Uruguay; and Vietnam.

Corporate and Industry Highlights

About Keller Williams

Austin, Texas-based Keller Williams (KW), the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count, has more than 1,100 offices and 200,000 associates. The franchise is also No. 1 in units and sales volume in the United States.

Since 1983, the company has cultivated an agent-centric, technology-driven and education-based culture that rewards agents as stakeholders. For more information, visit


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