MUVA Moves Into The Sharing Economy

LONG BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MUVA ( is proud to announce its entrance into the sharing economy with a new platform that connects movers and shippers for a faster, more efficient move. The company’s new system uses shared resources to move goods, which means significant cost and time savings for the movers, the shippers, and their customers.

This “shared resources” initiative allows movers and shippers to not only share trailers and warehouses, but also means significant savings on personnel such as drivers for transport and movers for unloading. Customers have less hassle during the move and much shorter wait times for secure delivery of their goods. More about the shared resources initiative can be found at

Here’s what MUVA’s founder Andrew Ritter has to say: “The vision behind the shared resources program came from a conversation that took place between a mover and shipper that are both on MUVA’s platform. Both the owners were facing similar challenges; the rising cost of trailers, difficulty sourcing reasonably priced warehouses with interstate jobs, and a shortage of drivers that are both qualified and willing to drive long distances. We learned that if they collaborated and pooled their resources they could operate in a substantially more efficient manner and dramatically reduce operating costs.”

With the launch of this initiative, MUVA has seen success in its early stages. Take for instance one of the shippers on the MUVA platform, Timothy Kessler from ShipSmart Inc, who collaborated with a mover CJ Lopez from American Dream Moving and Storage to successfully complete a cross-country move within a week. Sharing resources within the MUVA network saved the customer over one month in delivery time, given the type of items being moved and the size of the request.

“The move in conjunction with ShipSmart was a great experience, they are a very professional organization. ShipSmart provided all the details necessary to understand accurately what the job required, with the addition of MUVA we had everything needed to properly prepare. The three of us worked together like a well-oiled machine for a smoothly run job in the shortest amount of time,” Lopez said.

Moving is often frustrating and stressful for customers while also difficult for the movers and shippers to meet the desired delivery times. MUVA’s shared resources program is proving to be a solution for both.

About MUVA:

MUVA is the simplest way to move, ship, or store anything. We’re a technology-based moving platform that makes it easy for you to take a video of what you want transported, and get a quote from qualified movers and shippers. Accept the quote and your MUVA will be on their way! We’re here to make moving as simple and stress-free as possible. With MUVA, you’re in control – pick the price and timeframe that works best for you!


Andrew Ritter

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