Open Source immudb Immutable Database Reaches Widespread Adoption

Available on Amazon Web Services, Elestio, and used by India’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#codenotary–Codenotary today announced widespread adoption of immudb, the first and only open source enterprise-class database with data immutability at scale, by large and small organizations, and cloud service providers. With the tamper-proof database, no data can be compromised – existing records can be updated, but never changed or deleted so there is always a history for tracking.

Following the release of immudb 1.3 last month, Codenotary has seen increased adoption in financial services, government, military, eCommerce, primarily. In thousands of production deployments, immudb automatically stores the data versioned, timestamped and provides a cryptographic guarantee of zero tampering.

“immudb has grown very rapidly to be the de-facto standard for immutable storing of critical data,” said Moshe Bar, chief executive officer, Codenotary. “Now, we see immudb in daily use on all continents, across all industries. And, the number of stars on GitHub has more than doubled over the past year as testimony to the growing popularity of immudb.”

Unlike other databases, immudb is built on a zero-trust model: history is preserved and can’t be changed. Data in immudb comes with cryptographic verification at every transaction to ensure there is no tampering possible. immudb can be deployed in cluster configurations for demanding applications that require high scalability, up to billions of transactions per day, and high availability. The support of both key/value and SQL makes it simple to use immudb in new and existing applications. Support for Amazon’s S3 storage cloud provides immudb with virtually unlimited data storage capacity. With immudb, organizations can travel back and forth in time and see the change history of their data. Codenotary named this the Time Travel feature of immudb.

“immudb is a great open-source alternative to blockchains and other ledger technologies,” said Joseph Benguira, chief technology officer, Elestio in a blog post. “Unlike these (blockchains and other ledger technologies), immudb can handle millions of transactions per second.”

Elestio is a managed open-source software services provider that extended the existing offering of 16 different database types, with the only tamper-proof database option, immudb.

Also, immudb is available on Amazon Web Services and accessible through the AWS Marketplace.

In India, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is using immudb as part of its India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX) project to provide a platform to help with planning for growth in cities. Some examples of sharing include location data for buses, IoT sensor data for various monitoring tasks, and crowd-sourced issue reporting data.

immudb is capable of protecting sensitive data for workloads that require the utmost in security. Codenotary uses immudb to underpin its software supply chain security product. There have been more than 15 million downloads of immudb so far. More information can be found here and the software can be downloaded here.

About immudb and Codenotary

Codenotary is the primary contributor to the immudb project, which was started by the company in 2020. Codenotary specializes in trust and integrity providing end-to-end cryptographically verifiable tracking and provenance for all data, artifacts, actions, and dependencies. Codenotary brings easy to use trust and integrity into the software lifecycle using immudb to underpin its notarization and verification product for creating Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). For more information, go to


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