OptimizeRx Reports Results of Flagship Evidence-Based Physician Engagement Program

Analysis finds patent-pending real-world evidence solution successful in identifying HCPs with patients at risk of non-adherence due to unexpected cost.

Proactive affordability messaging key for doctors and patients navigating Medicare coverage gaps

ROCHESTER, Mich., Aug. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OptimizeRx Corp. (the “Company”) (Nasdaq: OPRX), a leading provider of point-of-care technology solutions helping patients start and stay on therapy demonstrates strong impact for life sciences brands seeking to support patients through periods of unexpected cost by raising awareness of copay support with physicians. One year after the launch of their patent-pending solution with a top twenty pharmaceutical manufacturer, the company announced a case study analyzing its ability to identify doctors whose patients’ treatment plans are at risk of lapsing due to loss of insurance coverage.

In its flagship program, the company’s Evidence-based Physician Engagement solution was leveraged to validate the manufacturer’s list of healthcare providers (HCPs), and identify additional HCPs, eligible to receive affordability information for their relevant patients. Utilizing this HCP audience, the company’s solution delivered targeted financial resources based on a predictive algorithm that identified when patients of these HCPs would become ‘at-risk’ of non-adherence due to unexpected costs, including Medicare coverage gaps.

By applying a machine learning (ML) artificial intelligence (AI) method to real-world data, the solution was able to accurately predict HCPs with ‘at-risk’ patients in real-time, driving:

  • +200% growth over the manufacturer’s initial number of HCPs identified with ‘at-risk’ patients
  • 46,000+ incremental scripts among HCPs receiving affordability information and financial resources for their patients
  • +6:1 ROI on the manufacturer’s investment in the program
  • 27% of the HCPs identified and targeted for the affordability information program enrolled a patient for the first time

Steve Silvestro, OptimizeRx’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented, “Interoperability between care delivery platforms remains an elusive goal for our industry, leading to a significant barrier for physicians to deliver holistic care. HCPs are struggling with the lack of visibility to their patients’ full health stories. This case study demonstrates that we are playing a direct role in addressing this challenge. We are able to leverage real-time data across all care delivery settings to empower our manufacturer clients to deliver financial support at the point of care during critical moments of patient need. This is the direction we hope to drive our industry: to stay one step ahead of the patient’s next care milestone by identifying latent opportunities to drive positive health outcomes.”

“The results of this program have exhibited the potential of our powerful AI/ML solution to impact complex and widespread systemic challenges to care delivery,” added Will Febbo, CEO of OptimizeRx. “Our intelligent, omnichannel platform is increasingly helping our manufacturer clients make headway to support HCPs in recognizing the appropriate conditions for prescribing, the unexpected access and affordability barriers, and the early indicators of non-adherence.”

About OptimizeRx
OptimizeRx provides best-in-class health technology that enables care-focused engagement between life sciences organizations, healthcare providers, and patients at critical junctures throughout the patient care journey. Connecting over 60% of U.S. healthcare providers and millions of their patients through the most intelligent technology platform embedded within a proprietary digital point-of-care network, OptimizeRx helps patients start and stay on their medications.

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