Private Internet Access Announces Completion of Independent Audit on Its No Logs Policy

Major transparency milestone for the VPN company following audit by big four firm

30th August 2022, Denver, USA: Virtual private network (VPN) provider Private Internet Access (PIA) has announced that its no logs policy has been audited by a big four firm.

PIA invited Deloitte Audit Romania to audit its VPN server network and management systems, examining how it maintains a zero-log VPN service in order to confirm that server configurations align with internal privacy policies, and are not designed to identify users or pinpoint their activities.

To achieve its no logs policy, PIA intentionally built its network architecture to prevent data retention. The company runs its VPN service on RAM-only servers, which means every server reboot immediately deletes all server data.

“A secure and private VPN service is central to what we do and having a strong no logs policy is a huge part of that. As one of the few VPN providers in the world that has had to prove its no logs policy in court, having been subpoenaed multiple times for logs which we did not have to share, this audit is yet another milestone in our privacy journey,” commented Mike Margolis, VP of R&D, PIA. “We also believe transparency is essential in the VPN space. It’s been a driving force for our business since its inception.

As one of the few VPN providers offering a 100% open-source VPN app, this audit is the latest in a long line of activities PIA has undertaken to ensure privacy and transparency for its users. The company recently expanded its offering in the USA, offering 50 servers in 50 states to help Americans protect their online privacy. It is also in the process of updating its infrastructure to provide increased security measures, better VPN speeds, and more reliable connections.

This audit has been conducted in accordance with the International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3000 (Revised) applicable to Assurance Engagements Other Than Audits or Reviews of Historical Financial Information.

Because of the extensive nature of the audit and the scope of Deloitte services, excerpts from the report cannot be shared with the audience, in order to ensure none of the audit results are taken out of context and misunderstood. The full report is available for PIA customers and can be read here:


Private Internet Access press team

About PIA
Private Internet Access (PIA) is the world’s most transparent VPN provider, with over 30 million downloads. We never record or store user data, and our no-logs policy has been proven multiple times in court. We have a world-class, next-gen server infrastructure covering over 83 countries and each and every US state. Being completely transparent is one of our guiding principles, so all PIA apps are 100% open-source. This way, you can always take a look under the hood and see how everything works. To learn more about PIA, visit or follow us on Twitter.

Source: RealWire

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