Airbus Ventures Congratulates Atlas AI on New Partnership with Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Atlas AI is among the first to achieve the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability designation, signaling an accelerated commitment to benefit the lives of millions of people by deploying their demand intelligence platform globally.

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Airbus Ventures proudly congratulates Atlas AI, the demand intelligence platform that enables organizations to identify and invest in unserved and underserved communities, on achieving Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability designation in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. Atlas AI has proven their success in building and producing solutions and tools on Google Cloud to help customers achieve their sustainability and ESG goals.

“Corporate sustainability is moving out of its traditional silo and into every facet of companies’ operations, in part thanks to a growing recognition that sustainable businesses are best positioned to access new markets, demonstrate resilience to unforeseen shocks, and attract the best talent,” said Abe Tarapani, CEO of Atlas AI. “Google Cloud has embraced this new paradigm and is empowering an ecosystem of companies like Atlas AI whose digital solutions help customers strengthen their core operating results while embracing sustainable business models. We’re honored to be selected as one of the inaugural members of the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability partner program, and look forward to continuing a track record of successful growth on the Google Cloud platform that dates back to the founding days of Atlas AI.”

Providing Atlas AI’s customers a facilitated journey to discover and use proven partner solutions that are powered by Google Cloud, this new collaboration is designed to help customers achieve meaningful climate objectives for their businesses. Partners with this designation deliver solutions that reduce carbon emissions, increase the sustainability of value chains, help organizations process ESG, and aid in identifying climate risk for increased resilience.

“Abe and the Atlas AI team are rapidly winning partners that recognise and drive the value of their intelligence platform,” remarks Airbus Ventures Partner Lewis Pinault. “With their newly minted Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability partnership, Atlas AI is now set to vastly improve access to better infrastructure, education, healthcare and economic opportunities as their unique platform informs and enables more optimal resource allocation for the most vulnerable parts of the planet.”

In 2022, Airbus Ventures launched its ESG Impact Principles, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Global Compact Principles and designed to help activate the best potential for the future of our planetary system.

About Airbus Ventures

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Toulouse and Tokyo, Airbus Ventures is a fast-moving, early-stage venture capital company that independently funds and supports startups set to shift both the aerospace industry and our planetary system to a sustainable future. Airbus Ventures has helped aspiring innovators reach new dimensions of achievement since 2015.

About Atlas AI

Atlas AI is a predictive analytics platform that enables organizations to optimize performance and expand reach by investing in underserved communities around the world. Founded by a team of Stanford University scientists in partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation and with support from Airbus Ventures and Micron Technologies Inc., we harness a range of planetary scale datasets and the latest advances in artificial intelligence to measure local socioeconomic change such as population demographics, infrastructure access, household spending power and crop yields. We use this proprietary data to analyze, monitor and forecast regions of growth and untapped potential to offer insight into where organizations can grow most successfully, and where investment can best drive economic progress.



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